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aMUSE me

Heading into this first semester of grad school, I was most excited for this Visual Aesthetics class. I had only briefly interacted with Photoshop and never touched Illustrator and/or After Effects. However, I knew that learning these tools and understanding … Continue reading

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Pica Towers

The Good News: I thought the designer did a great job at representing and showing emotion on the metal robots even though they don’t have human faces or natural parts associated with a normal face. Even though everything was presented … Continue reading

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I also hate comic sans…

I watched this documentary a few years ago in undergrad for a newspaper layout design class. However, the irony is that I rarely ever used Helvetica except for headers and occasional titles. There is such an emphasis on the importance … Continue reading

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What is Art?

I don’t think there is one singular answer to “What is art?” Art is a form of expression, it is a way of communicating thoughts, feelings, ideas, problems, solutions, etc.  Art is everywhere.  Even if we disagree and find a … Continue reading

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“Good artists borrow, great artists steal!”

Art is everywhere. Art is everything. What is art, and what is beautiful, is and forever will be subjective. There is no right or wrong answer. However, when you’re aware of categories of art (thanks critics) you are equipped to … Continue reading

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“Stitch Bitch – An Itch I’d Like To Ditch”

Shelley Jackson’s “patchwork girl” isn’t the only thing barely held together; her writing and argument could use some stitching up. Maybe that’s a little harsh. Just because I might not understand subject doesn’t automatically make it bad, right? Regardless, this … Continue reading

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Ah, visual aesthetics.  This class is probably the class I am looking forward to the most.  It is not the most comfortable subject for me, but it is a subject that I would love to master.  I mean, who doesn’t … Continue reading

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I think this class will push me to further my design skills by furthering my knowledge of the programs and taking me out of my comfort zone. Since my  background is in graphic design, I want to push where I … Continue reading

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I have always been very interested in art as my grandmother and great-grandmother were painters and commissioned their pieces out of their homes.  The first career I remember dreaming of was being a painter.  However, that dream died when I … Continue reading

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