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2016 Update (02/11/16)

The Periclean Class of 2016 is well on our way to executing a Sustainable Business Summit. This week we have been putting the final touches on our plans for “People. Planet. Profit.” on Feb. 20th. It is going to be an awesome event and we are so excited to share some of the ideals and lessons that we have learned as … Continue Reading

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16’s Class Notes 05/05/16

Week 12: 05/05/15 Submitted by: Dawson Nicholson ( Absent: Anna, Erin R, Isabel, Juliana Announcements:   Review writing assignments in groups. Offer constructive feedback on the forms. Save these drafts and turn them in with your final draft due next week. Updates from committees:   LUPE: Grant they are working on this summer. ESL class materials are prepared. Have a … Continue Reading

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2016’s Grant Writing Workshop

Dr. Kurt Moore: Grant Writing Workshop Summary: We were able to learn all about the grant finding and writing process. This is great for our domestic projects (LUPE and Sustainable Business Summit) and for our abroad projects (Hope For Honduran Children).   Notes: General Announcements Need people for Spanish lessons over spring break Meeting with Francois (exchange program vs. apply as … Continue Reading

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Steering Committee Meeting Notes (3/12/15)

Steering Committee Meeting Notes (3/12/15) 1). Reports from classes 15’s Monthly munchies: March 18th 8-11 Fundraiser with Pelicans (need a place) 5K plans being discussed  Graduation Stoles: still in the works Class sustainability: creating a club at Elon Partner was featured in documentary; Library is ordering this -> maybe we can share this to campus 16’s Grant writing class next … Continue Reading

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2016’s: balls are rolling.

Revisions to the syllabus were made adding a more focused writing component for the semester to be done with accountability partners. Accountability duos will be responsible for posting weekly news report on the Facebook account. Who are our partners (LUPE, H4HC, Honduras Summit, and Business Summit) and what do those relationships look like? Broke into groups to define those partnerships … Continue Reading

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Seeking What They Sought.

      “Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the wise. Seek what they sought.” – Matsuo Basho What large and profound footsteps we see from our vantage point at this very moment. Today the 16’s came together for our second class period. We are still matching names to faces and trying to gather exactly what it … Continue Reading

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