Steering Committee Meeting Notes (3/12/15)

Steering Committee Meeting Notes (3/12/15)

1). Reports from classes

  • 15’s
    • Monthly munchies: March 18th 8-11
    • Fundraiser with Pelicans (need a place)
    • 5K plans being discussed


      The Steering Committee sharing updates with each other and showing remarkable tolerance to the demand to “get a picture” from that director dude.

    •  Graduation Stoles: still in the works
    • Class sustainability: creating a club at Elon
    • Partner was featured in documentary; Library is ordering this -> maybe we can share this to campus
  • 16’s
    • Grant writing class next Tuesday
    • Cookies to gogo April 8th
    • Good vibes from partners
    • LUPE meeting went well
    • English lessons continue
  • 17’s
    • Accountability representatives
    • Mission Statement and email template revisions
    • New contacts:)  Leonard Shikololo in the north of Namibia

2). Pan-Periclean Updates

  • Handbook -> physical copy by induction (1st draft) but updated every year
  • Induction: Periclean of the year (will be announced at induction) Let Arcaro know as soon as it is decided.

3). Director Updates

  • Chiapas
    • can’t send anyone down without fac/staff leadership
    • Need a way to decide who goes on the trip if it happens.  We need a faculty/staff person to go
  • Search
    • Susie and Kelsey on search committee for assistant director
    • Ad goes out next Monday -> will proceed from there
  • Periclean Foundation
    • successor of Periclean alumni foundation (2012)
    • 12’s Franklin Project Initiative -> pathways of service for year after graduation
    • Have a Elon fellow for your class to continue your project?

4). Random Notes:

  • make sure to post your notes on the blog after each class meeting
  • make sure to categorize your notes and use headings and pictures!
  • Core 455: Start now to construct; needs to have deliverables
  • money for stoles comes from pan-periclean; think ahead for this
  • steering committee blog post in  Periclean Book
  • buttons at induction (perhaps “Peace, Love, Periclean” if we’re lucky)!!!





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