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Special Post- A Visit From Sarah Woodard

On April 24, the Periclean program was fortunate to hear Sarah Junkin Woodard speak about her work in Nicaragua. The organization she works though is the Center for Development in Central America (CDCA), which has been present in Nicaragua for the past two decades. Mrs. Woodard’s life of service began in North Carolina when she opened up some of the first homeless and battered women shelters in the Statesville area. Her passion for helping the people of Nicaragua was realized when she and her friends discovered they could get a lot more accomplished by pooling their time and money instead of taking individual paths. This led them to drive to Nicaragua with everything they own to continue opening shelters, and through this volunteering their love for the country was ignited. The motivation and slogan behind all of the work Mrs. Woodard does is “another world is possible”. She repeatedly emphasized the poor conditions people are forced to live in and how, with work, another world for these individuals is possible. Some of her efforts to make this possibility a reality include helping small farmers make more profit off of their crops through helping them gain an organic grower license, issue small loans with a small interest rate to local farmers, opening a clinic with many invaluable medical supplies to treat the community, and support local artists by paying them upfront then selling their merchandise in the US.
This presentation applies to the work the Periclean class of 2016 will be doing in Honduras because many of the issues in Nicaragua are also present in Honduras. Poverty and deforestation are just two of the many crippling problems these two countries have in common. Mrs. Woodard also has experience identifying and responding to the needs of the people she comes in contact with. We as Pericleans hope to install a project that positively impacts as many people as possible while also meeting some sort of need in the community. Thus, her tactics and stories act as a source of advice and motivation for the work we will be doing in Honduras. Finally, Mrs. Woodard also aims to make her projects sustainable and the communities she works with self-sufficient. These goals align perfectly with those of the Periclean program and hopefully we are as successful as she has been in meeting them.

By: Annie Goldberg

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2016’s Grant Writing Workshop

IMG_0445 IMG_0444

Dr. Kurt Moore: Grant Writing Workshop

Summary: We were able to learn all about the grant finding and writing process. This is great for our domestic projects (LUPE and Sustainable Business Summit) and for our abroad projects (Hope For Honduran Children).



  1. General Announcements
  • Need people for Spanish lessons over spring break
  • Meeting with Francois (exchange program vs. apply as Elon student)
    • meeting with Paul Geis and Admissions
  • 31st Immigration Talk (Juliana)
  • Cookies to gogo April 8th
  • Mission statement has been revised
  • Van from Elon to LUPE

2. Grant Writing Workshop

  • buy a space (LUPE) = capital grant
  • we might want to try foreign
  • 75% donated comes from individuals
  • government call for proposals on what they have budgeted
  • apply through Honduras embassy, H4HC would apply for the grant from the Honduran government
  • do your research and make sure you are a fit
  • Private Foundations -> look locally for LUPE (NC community Foundation/Greater Greensboro Community Foundation)
  • Corporate Gifts In-Kind -> companies give supplies rather than money
  • Transition home computers -> go to manufactures for that
  • How to find these foundations? direction connection is best
  • look at foundation directories on powerpoint; contact to use Elon’s subscription to these directories
  • go to hospital/local places and see where this funding is coming from
  • look at organizations that are doing similar work
  • think out of the box!!!
  • show funders that you are sustainable
  • have a leader for each grant?
  • one person writes it . . . so it flows well
  • make sure to write the summary last
  • show off the successes of your organization, why YOU???
  • address whether or not you will use outside consultant
  • you can put money to your volunteer hours -> put in annual figure
    • this is money we are bringing to the table
  • Ask Dr. Moore for attachments that we need
  • Sponsorships (getting equipment)
  • sponsors wants visibility
  • Dr. Moore can research foundations to see if they are a good fit


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Induction Ceremony

On April 10th, 2014 the Namibia class of 2017  was warmly welcomed into the Periclean Scholars. Organized by the Honduras class of 2016, representatives from 2014, and 2015, as well as advisers, and several guests  attended to show their support for the fledgling scholars.DSC_0162

The ceremony was held in Oaks 212 and energy was high as the audience anticipated the induction of the new class. The evening began with an introduction by Steve Braye and Aidan Dyer and then was followed by speakers Arianna Brown and Caley Mikesell. Arianna and Caley emphasized accountability, patience, and teamwork, while foraging lifelong connections while honing their interpersonal, technical, and professional skills.

Class of 2015 speakers Elania Vermeulen and Cat Palmer were next to praise the new class. They had the audience breaking out laughing with the their stories from the past year, all centered around the idea that failure will be expected but perseverance will produce the best results.

Ethan Smith from the class of 2014 was the last of the student speakers for the evening. The Periclean scholars, Ethan said, acted as a family to him, and helped him through the roughest times in his life. Smith stressed that the Periclean organization will be more then a group of academics looking to help others, as they will become  friends, companions, and teachers during the time at Elon and beyond.

While Tom Acaro was next on the programming to speak, due to technology complications he was unable to connect with the ceremony, instead Steve Braye spoke in his place and introduced Dr. Acaro to the new class. Following Braye, the main speaker of the night, the future 2017 adviser, Carol Smith began by welcoming the new class and introducing herself. She then spoke on about the new class, as all of them had been individuals she believed would work well together, and introduced ones she knew personally. She then challenged the room with  a mind exercise, requesting that the audience compete a series of mental calculations, then converted into the alphabet, colors, and finally animals, until almost everyone in the room imagined a orange kangaroo from Denmark, which was met with amusement and curiosity. Dr. Smith expressed her excitement and anticipation for getting to know each new member and for sharing future experiences. The class of 2017, according to Carol, would be challenged more then they ever had, but with dedication and tenacity, would reap rewards and lessons that would be valuable for the rest of their lives.

Newly Inducted Namibia Class of 2017

Newly Inducted Namibia Class of 2017

The inductees were then individually introduced and received a Periclean pin. Once the pinning ceremony was compete, a delicious buffet style dinner of pasta, salad and garlic bread was provided, complete with games and Periclean facts. The night was concluded by a speech on Periclean’s roots and heritage and a presentation of the Periclean of the Year award by Bud Warner. Finally the new students of 2017 were paired with mentors from the class of 2016 by matching puzzle pieces.

The newly inducted class of 2017 left with smiles on their faces as they looked forward to the challenging but bright path before them.


Students from the Class of 2017 pose before dinner


Aidan Dyer Commences the Induction Ceremony



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Blast from the Past – Our Trip to April’s

In the midst of a busy academic semester, the Periclean class of 2016 took time out to enjoy what really matters – great food, and even better company. We all clambered into vans and headed on over to our mentor, April Post’s, charming home just a few miles from Elon’s campus. Two giant Great Danes greeted us warmly upon arrival, and Steiner, the more mischievous of the two even gave a few of us some special hugs. From there, we were thrilled to find an impressive spread of home cooked treats and coffee – all with various pumpkin flavors of course, who could resist fall’s best flavor? Entirely sated, we then sat back to chat about our fall breaks, take turns on the rope swing, pose for silly pictures, and generally just have a great time enjoying each other’s company.

It was an amazing opportunity for our class to spend time together beyond the classroom. So much of this program relies on teamwork and strong relationships, and without time to nurture those bonds, it can be almost impossible to accomplish those. I personally loved wandering around to visit the much anticipated chickens or traipsing through Professor Posts’ impressive grape vines with my fellow Pericleans. Despite our differences in major, or hometown, or dream jobs, we were all drawn to this program because of a shared interest and a common goal. The more we know about each other, the better we will work together in the future. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I know my affection and respect for my class grew tremendously just with this small outing. I think this field trip reminded many of us that we still have a long ways to go before we’re a perfect team, but I know that we’re enjoying every step of this journey so far. periclean

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Cookies To Go-Go

A couple of weeks ago, a group of girls in the Class of 2016 held a fundraiser that some of you probably heard of- Cookies to Go Go!  Our group built off of the Class of 2015’s idea of grilled cheese delivery and decided that delivering fresh baked cookies to students’ doors would be a lucrative fundraiser.  There were several things we had to figure out, with the first being what recipe to use!  For a bit of fun, we had people bake and bring different chocolate chip cookies to class one day, and then we had a taste contest to decide which recipe to use.  The class decided that Lexie Melanson’s cookies were the best, so we used her recipe!  As Directors of Public Relations, Isabel and Renna kept up the Facebook page and Twitter account, and these were GREAT avenues for spreading the word about Cookies to Go-Go and ramping up the number of preorders.

Libby with some of our fresh baked cookies!

Libby with some of our fresh baked cookies!

For the two nights of delivery, each of us had a different job, including Director of Operations, Director of Transportation, Director of Baking, etc.  Other classmates took a night off from studying to lend a hand, which really helped!  The first night of delivery was hectic to say the least.  We had over 50 preorders, and with the orders we received that night, we ended up with 94 orders (570 cookies) to deliver!  Several classmates had made and dropped off cookie dough for us to bake, but we ran through that dough relatively quickly.  Sydney, Dawson, Libby, and I kept making double batches of cookie dough from scratch for two hours straight!  Christine, as Head of Operations, was keeping track of the orders coming in and distributing them to the drivers.  Even with four teams of drivers and passengers out delivering cookies, we still fell behind schedule on promised delivery times.  We delivered the last cookies at 1:00 AM.  The second night of delivery ran much smoother.  We knew the process, and the number of orders wasn’t as heavy.  The whole Cookies to Go Go event was a success- we made over $300 profit!  We are going to continue this fundraiser (with some tweaks) next semester, and hopefully we can make it a monthly event.  Thanks to everyone who helped us behind the scenes and all of you who bought cookies!

Special thanks to Isabel who made this video that gives a great overview of Cookies to Go-Go!

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Honduran Food Fiesta

On Monday November 18th, we held a Honduran Food Fiesta, and here’s how!

First our group was thinking of doing a cliché Moseley table bake sale, but with some suggestions from the class this idea evolved. Though the Honduran Food Fiesta took a lot more planning than the bake sale would have, it was immensely better because it raised awareness of the Periclean program, and of Honduras.


To begin, we went to the international grocery store to buy ingredients (a few other things were picked up at Dollar General and Lowe’s Foods). The international grocery store was amazing, there was such a vast selection, and there was even a pile of live crabs in the seafood section. We mostly followed the recipes from Suyapa, a woman native to Honduras who had previously taught us how to prepare Honduran food. We bought plantains, chicken, chayotes, carrots, onions, rice, eggs, and other spices and little things necessary for the recipes we were hoping to complete.


We came together the night before and began preparation of some of the food, knowing that this would be a big undertaking and the sooner we began preparing for it, the better.  We started cutting plantains, chayotes, and the carrots. After all the plantains were cut we began frying them, and the kitchen became a sauna. We also prepared buñelos beforehand, hoping that we were doing it right because we found this recipe on our own.


The next day after class let out at 3:20, everything got crazy. We were running around from the Oaks and back to Moseley trying to think of every little detail. We began cooking, only to find out that the burners wouldn’t turn on, and seemed to run into many similar obstacles throughout the rest of the preparation. We began making the rice at 4:45, and got extremely stressed once we realized that our food was not going to be completely ready by the time we finished preparing. We were vigorously chopping onions, cutting chicken, and throwing the recipes together. The vegetables just simply refused to cook, and we were doing everything we could to get all of our dishes (chicken and rice, the rice by itself, plantain chips, and the vegetables together. Luckily the desserts (brownies, chocolate chip cookies, and buñelos were already done, I don’t know how we could have juggled those too. Finally around 5:10, ten minutes after our event had officially begun, all of the rice was put out, music was turned on, and a PowerPoint of Honduras played in the background.


Many of our first customers were our fellow Pericleans; we felt so fortunate to have classmates that are willing to support our event and our overall program.  In the initial half hour of the Fiesta, we discovered how helpful it was to have a Phoenix card reader.  This allowed people to use Phoenix cash to pay for the meal; seldom do college students carry a lot of cash on them on a regular Monday, so this accessory added an extra convenience factor.  Another decision we made turned out to be a very good one: making vegetarian rice and rice with chicken in it.  Many of the people who came to our event were concerned with what had meat in it.  Having a no meat option increased the number of potential students this event appeals to, which means that more people were able to come.


The most popular dishes we made were the rice dish and the desserts.  Around 6:30 we found ourselves refilling the tins filled with rice and getting more vegetables to add.  The traditional Honduran desserts were also a hit.  They are somewhat simple: fried dough covered in powered sugar, but they were a great way to end the meal and added an aspect of Honduras’s culture.  The music was also very popular among the people that came.  Many Spanish-speaking students found themselves singing along to the music playing in the background of our informational PowerPoint.  It was great to see people having fun while also enjoying learning about the country of Honduras.


After the peak around 7, we started cleaning up our supplies around 7:30.  At the end, we didn’t have any desserts left and only had three boxes of juice left over.  The plantain chips were also scarce.  When comparing this to the amount of food we transported to the kitchen from the Oaks, it could be said that the event was a success.  We ended up making around $100 in cash and $50 in Phoenix cash.  Our group is excited to present these funds to the leaders of the Hogares Sanos group to use however they see fit.  We decided to donate the money to this cause because the amount was not significant enough to be influential in our class fund, but it is enough for the group to do something fun with the women.



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Celebrating Periclean Scholars 2013

Mark your calendars! Join the Facebook event! (

Celebrating Periclean Scholars is coming to Oaks 212 on Thursday, October 10th, at 5:30PM.

The event honors current and past Periclean classes as well as serves as an event to build interest in the current freshman class. Be sure to advertise the event to any and all freshmen! Hors d’oeuvres will be provided for all attendees and current Pericleans will also receive Periclean gear. Look for our digital poster in Moseley!

We look forward to seeing you all there!

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