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Fall 2014 Resume for the Class of 2017

Periclean Scholars Class of 2017 Resume

Mission Statement
We, the Periclean Scholars Class of 2017 at Elon University with a focus on Namibia, are still working on a class mission statement.  As individuals, we are creating personal mission statements, but understand that even those, will be revisited and updated as we grow, both as individuals, and as a cohort.  We have much to learn, much to do, and will put forth our best efforts.

Toxic Charity
Soul of a Citizen
Letters Left Unset by “J”
Various Namibian Newspapers
– The Daily Namibian,
– The Namibian Sun,
– The Informante,
– The Caprivi Vision
Discussion Forum and News Forum pertaining to articles from previous listed sources
A Measure of Our Humanity- Class of 2006
Various Documentaries on YouTube supplied by Carol

Class Activities
Created the class syllabus
For the “Good of the Group
Wrote blog posts
Discussion Board (Moodle) – Current Events
News Forum (Moodle) – Current Events
Created the elevator speech for the Celebrating Pericleans gathering
Group Projects/Presentation
– Culture
– Government/Politics/International Relations
– Infrastructure/Economy
– Education
– Health
– Geography/Environment
Information was put on Moodle documents
Conceptualized the framework for committees and roles in class
Created Committees
– Steering Committee
– Committee on Committees
– Fundraising and Grants
– Alumni Relations
– Media Communications and Marketing
– Events
– Social
Research a few potential partners
– Hydroponics
– Community partner ideas from Duke
Discussion of possible project ideas in small groups in class
Created/designed a class t-shirt

Guest Speakers
Dr. Tom Arcaro: Director of Project Pericles
– Discussed the Periclean Program, the class of 2006 in Namibia, and allowed our class to ask questions about both of these things

Anita Isaacs: Namibian Partner of Project Pericles
– Q&A on previous Namibian class and on current issues and situation in Namibia

Jamie Smedsmo: Peace Corp Volunteer
– Shared her experience being part of the Peace Corps in Namibia and what she thought were important issues

Dr. Lucinda Adams: Faculty member of School of Communications, and member of the Lumen Scholar Committee
Sarah Vaughn: Student recipient of the Lumen Scholar prize
– Discussed what being a Lumen Scholar is, and the application process

Heidi Frontani: Class of 2010 Mentor, Geography Professor, Interim Director of AAAF Studies
– Discussed the experiences of her class
– Offered information and advice on the African/African American Studies program

Samantha White: Periclean Scholars Class of 2006
– Spoke to our class on what she is doing now and how Periclean has affected her decisions
– She talked about where she is now, what her experiences have been, and advice she had to give us.

Aisha Mitchell: Periclean Scholars Class of 2012 & Assistant Director of Corporate and Employee Relations for the College of Arts & Sciences
– Spoke on the progress and stages her class went through each year and offered us advice on how to -approach the semester
– Discussed her time as a Periclean and how it impacted her life path

Ronda Kosusko: Student Professional Development Center Career Specialist
Administered MyPlan for assessment of our individual personality types/characteristics
– We divided into groups based on each letter
– Came up with qualities/things we needed from the class

Aiden Dyer, Drew Dimos, Caroline James, Kerrianne Durkin:  2016 Periclean Scholars
– Engaged in a discussion on how to strengthen the mentor/mentee relationship and offered advice on how to continue our first year as Pericleans
– Asked them questions and they gave us some tips and ideas on how to run this class effectively.

Stephanie Carroll: Periclean Scholars Class of 2015
– One of the Student Advisory Group for 2017; offered advice on ways to approach our project and also answered any questions we had

Steve Mencarini: Director for the Center for Leadership
– Discussed various meanings of the word/action of “leader” and “leadership”; gave some of us a headache

Field Trip to the Challenge Course
Team building and getting to know one another through different activities
Posted in discussion board

Periclean Cards- Raised $70.00

Pan-Periclean Activities
Organizational Fair
Celebrating Periclean Scholars
Restavek Week (Class of 2015)
Freedom Foundation Benefit Concert
Panel on Human Trafficking
Poverty, Social Injustice, and Migration in Central America Panel (Class of 2016)
Homecoming Tailgate
Monthly Munchies
Reading Day Open House
Education of potential members about Periclean

Other Activities
Discussion of possible project ideas in small groups in class
“Good of the Group” discussions at the beginning of class, relating to possible partners, reactions, etc.|
Got to know other Pericleans through going to social events and getting meals together
Conceptualized the framework for committees and roles in class

Goals for next semester
Begin planning various fundraising methods

Global Citizenship
Continue to discover what it means to be a global citizen
Deepen understanding of Namibia
Commit to attend 2 cultural events
Continue to read/watch movies about Namibia

Get in touch with alumni

Periclean Mindset
Strengthen group unity
Get to know classmates better (weekly lunches and coffee dates)
Keep a “Periclean” mindset while abroad (i.e. don’t forget about Periclean)
Take risks and be open minded to all opportunities
Begin planning Pan-Periclean Events
Work on planning induction for the class of 2018
Create personal as well as class mission statements

Enhanced Knowledge
Read Letters Left Unsent by the end of the spring
Read Toxic Charity in its entirety
Read more of Soul of a Citizen
Read the blog more often
Read more books that relate to community development
Read articles weekly

Moving Forward
Gain insight from citizens and professors on Namibia past and present
Have a basis for a project
Find more ideas for a class project
Establish an area of focus for our class project

Identify potential partners and contacts
Based on both research and findings from our search for partners and contacts target an issue we would like to tackle
Find organizations that are doing work in Namibia or would like to pursue it with us
Reach out to potential contacts in Namibia and see if they have any potential projects we can assist with
Build better relationships with potential charities
Contacts/partners- It is really important to start to make contact with people in Namibia and North Carolina and learn about what organizations are already doing. Maybe from this we will be able to begin to pick a project based off of the work that potential partners are already doing.

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Periclean Scholars Class of 2015 Resume

Periclean Scholars Class of 2015

Elon, North Carolina ●

Mission Statement 

We, the Periclean Scholars Class of 2015 at Elon University, strive to empower individuals and communities, in both North Carolina and Haiti, by providing opportunity and hope through the exchange of knowledge and resources. We will develop mutually beneficial partnerships, locally and internationally, in the hopes of promoting social justice and human dignity, focusing on the Haitian restavek community. While remaining conscious of cultural differences, we aim to raise awareness about modern day child slavery and human trafficking. In doing so, we aspire to encourage healthy and autonomous lifestyles for those affected by these issues.



Restavek Freedom Foundation (RFF), Burlington, NC

  • Collaborate to establish a $100,000 endowment to support educational opportunities for girls in the Transitional Home.
  • Hosted Executive Director Joan Conn, Board VP Christine Buchholz, Transitional Home Director Adeline Bien-Aime, Child Advocate Roslyn Phillips, and Exhibit Coordinator Natalie Hagan at Elon


Alamance for Freedom, Burlington, NC

  • Establish an semester-long internship opportunity for Elon students
  • Attend quarterly Coalition meetings



Stand Up for Freedom: Human Trafficking and Restavek Education Week     October 2014

  • Facilitated documentary screening of Not My Life and discussion with Elon students
  • Hosted local representatives for panel on human trafficking
  • Alexis Keyworth, North Carolina Coalition Against Human Trafficking
  • Jeremy Coleman, Burlington Police Department
  • Rachel Parker, Anti-Human Trafficking Specialist from World Relief High Point
  • Liz Leon, Program Director of Alamance for Freedom
  • Meredith Edwards, Assistant District Attorney of Alamance County
  • Produced a benefit concert with performances by a capella groups, Gospel Choir, & independent student artists
  • Hosted a presentation by Adeline Bien-Aime, Director of RFF’s transitional home in Haiti
  • Showcased student research focused on human trafficking and modern slavery
  • Collaborated with RFF to display “A Day in the Life of a Restavek” exhibit


Walk for Freedom                                                                                             November 2013

  • Presented stories of trafficked children both in Haiti and the US to educate Elon students about the importance of the issue


Lecture given by representative from the Gray Haven Project                      November 2013

  • Sponsored and supported representative from a human trafficking organization in Richmond, VA to educate Elon students about the issue domestically


Resurrection Dance Theater                                                                       November 2013

  • Sponsored performance of a Haitian dance organization made up of children who have come out of domestic servitude in Haiti in order to raise awareness on campus


Celebrating Periclean Scholars                                                                       October 2013

  • Organized speakers and food for a Pan-Periclean event


Periclean Scholars Class of 2015

Elon, North Carolina ●


Periclean Induction for Class of 2016                                                               April 2013

  • Organized induction event with speakers and food
  • Served as mentors for the Class of 2016


Speakers Hosted        

  • Representatives from the Restavek Freedom Foundation
  • Liz Leon: Alamance County for Freedom
  • Representative from the Elon University Office for Advancement
  • Elizabeth Conrad: Previous Peace Corps worker stationed in Haiti
  • Jaimie Metellus: Elon student from Haiti
  • Courtney Latta: Periclean alumna who has worked extensively in Haiti



  • Attended events through the Haiti Lab at Duke University
  • Traveled to Mount Olive, NC: a Haitian community in western North Carolina
  • Gave extensive presentations based on research on Haitian history/culture and current issues
  • Read and discussed Haiti: After the Earthquake (Paul Farmer, 2011) and Little Princes (Connor Grennan, 2011)



  • Organized off-campus benefit concert to raise approximately $300 dollars for the endowment
  • Made, sold, and delivered grilled cheese in Monthly Munchies fundraiser events
  • Collaborated with the Sport and Event Management department to organize an off-campus casino night as a fundraiser
  • Raised over $250 to support a Haitian college student who serves as a translator in Haiti
  • Sold Periclean discount cards
  • Connected Elon students to fundraising efforts of girls in Restavek Freedom Foundation



  • Maintain Periclean 2015 blog that regularly reports our progress
  • Regularly contribute to the Periclean newsletter


Future Plans

                                 In the coming semester, the class hopes to:

  • Continue to extensively fundraise for the endowment for the Restavek Freedom Foundation Transitional Home
  • Publish white papers and news articles about the issues of human trafficking and restavek
  • Write and submit grant proposals for funding the endowment
  • Host speakers, show films, and/or organize campus-wide events to further educate students about human trafficking and restavek
  • Write a newsletter for our supporters about our most recent work
  • Update and add to the Class website
  • Work with a Haitian organization to create graduation stoles for the Class
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Periclean Scholars – Ghana Program, Class Résumé

Since our founding in April 2007, our members, together with our US-based partners, have raised over $120,000 in cash and supplies to support health and education projects in Ghana (85%) and the USA (15%). Our members include: 29 students from Elon University’s class of 2010, 12 students from the classes of 2012-2016, and one faculty adviser.

Our Ghana-based partners have contributed $25,000 in salary support and $3,000 in materials for our major project, a community health center in Kpoeta, Ghana. Our other major project is a kindergarten in Sokode, Ghana. In the USA we have hosted speakers and an African Festival on the Elon campus, shared our research through publications and presentations, and granted small scholarships to college students with high financial need. Our key accomplishments are described below.


Kpoeta Health Center (initiated in April 2007)
• Our class responded to a request to assist the people of Kpoeta, Ghana who desired to have a health facility in their own village. People from Kpoeta were dying needlessly each year when the dirt road to their nearest health facility in Kpedze became impassible for many months during the rainy season
• By January 2009, our partnership had enabled the construction of a 10-room health center
• The facility provides year-round healthcare to 10,000 Ghanaians in the Kpoeta area
• From 2010-2014 we enlarged the complex to include a dispensary in the original building and constructed two housing blocks (two 2-bedroom apartments and two 1-bedroom apartments) to make work at the remote location more appealing for the Government of Ghana paid staff
• Due to community members’ drafting of blueprints for no charge, donations of iron roofing sheets for one structure, molding of bricks and construction of walls, all three buildings for the health center complex, including plumbing, electricity, and full kitchens and baths in each apartment, were completed with $70,000 raised by the Ghana Periclean class
• We received medical supplies from private donors and Duke University’s warehouse for the health center
• In 2011, the center was officially incorporated into the Government of Ghana’s healthcare network. This has enabled the center to receive regular shipments of medical supplies from Ghana’s Ministry of Health, patients to use their government issued Insurance Cards, and for the center to continue to receive additional staff
• Due to the many improvements in Kpoeta at the health center, the Government of Ghana leveled, widened, and paved the road between Kpoeta and Kpedze beginning in 2011. The high quality road allows people in Kpoeta to reach Kpedze easily on weekends, when the Kpoeta Health Center is closed

Sokode Kindergarten (initiated January 2009)
• Our class responded to a community request for a large multi-room kindergarten with amenities to supplement the current basic one-room building in Sokode, Ghana. Construction of the structure is underway.
• The facility, which has received $12,600 raised by the Ghana Periclean class to date, will serve 100s of students when it is completed

Heifer International’s Livestock & Beekeeping Project #21-1037-01 (Jan 2008 to Jan 2010)
• The community of Sokode together with an Elon professor put in a successful application to Heifer International to support local livelihoods in three villages, including Sokode and Kpedze
• Our class, with tremendous support from area and out-of-state churches raised $14,500 of the $247,869 needed to provide 113 families in the three villages with honey bees and grasscutters (small edible animals), units to house them, training on how to breed them, and

Library Books for Abor Elementary & Sokode Schools (initiated September 2007)
• In response to a request from a former Peace Corps volunteer, our class engaged in a book drive that added 500 Afro-centric books for children to the Abor Elementary School library
• We also engaged in a school supply and book drive for Sokode schools that led to over 1,300 books being added to Sokode libraries
• We were greatly helped by a partnership with the US Navy which enabled all of the books to be transported and imported into Ghana for free, once we were able to get the books to Norfolk, VA with the assistance of Elon’s winter term Ghana abroad program and Elon’s physical plant


College Scholarships (initiated April 2013)
• In partnership with the NGO ScholarCHIPs we have given $500 in scholarships to high need college students in the eastern US

Elon Footprints of Africa Festival (held Nov 27 to Dec 1, 2007)
• We wrote a grant and received a $5,200 campus award as well as some additional support from academic departments to host speakers, musical groups, a fashion show and more to raise awareness of the culture, history, and medical issues facing Ghana and Africa

Presentations, Publications, and Lifelong Learning (since 2007)
• Our members’ research on Ghana and development in Africa has appeared in several peer-reviewed publications including: Africa Media Review, African Studies Quarterly, Oxford Encyclopedia of African Thought, and Progress in Development Studies
• Our members have written for and been featured in the popular press in newspapers and magazines including New York Times, News & Record (NC), The Mercury (PA), Voyages & Richmond Free Press Magazines (VA)
• Our members’ work has appeared in campus publications including: The Pendulum, Visions Magazine, Colonnades, the Elon Journal of Undergraduate Research in Communications, and the Black Oaks Newsletter
• Our members have given more than 35 talks on Ghana or Africa on campus, in schools, churches, and at regional and national conferences and have several created public service announcement videos
• We have demonstrated the use of alternative energy devices (solar cookers) and repeated the demonstrations in Ghana (where we left several of the devices)


For more information visit our webpages:

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Class of 2012 resume

Periclean Scholars Class of 2012

India / / mentor: Dr. Martin Kamela

[Note:  This resume was produced for the 2012’s graduation dinner celebration and thus does not include accomplishments which came to fruition after graduation.  Most prominently these include the completion of the documentary “Health for All” and the Izmir-Elon-CRHP partnership that culminated in the building of the $100,000 “Izmir Training Centre” on the CHRP campus competed August, 2013.]


  • Comprehensive Rural Health Project, Jamkhed (CRHP) — since 2010
  • Burlington Housing Authority (BHA) — since 2010
  • SOSVA Training and Promotion Institute, Pune (STAPI) — since 2011
  • Swasth India, Mumbai— since 2012
  • Centre for Advancement of Philanthropy, Mumbai— since 2011
  • American Center, Mumbai— since 2011
  • Tesseract Consulting, Trivandrum— since 2009
  • Elon Volunteers! Program and the Kernodle Center for Community Engagement, since 2011


  • Co-organized the CSR-Nonprofit Summit in January 2012, with CRHP and STAPI
  • Helped to restart the Adolescent Girls Program at CRHP in 2010
  • Worked with BHA in support of the Dream Girls Program, an after school enrichment and support program for teens
  • Set up the legacy program: Elon Postgraduate Fellowship at CRHP, which annually supports an Elon University graduate to spend a year learning from and working with CRHP
  • Helped start the Periclean Foundation
  • Organized two India Week events on campus in spring 2010 and in fall 2011
  • Brought Pericleans-in-residence to campus:
    • Consultants Divya and Sankar Krishnan, author and journalist Edward Luce, authors Ronken and Rolf Lynton, nonprofit project manager Smisha Agarwal, social business entrepreneur Sundeep Kapila.
    • Developed sustainability plans for supporting the Dream Girls Program at BHA, with EV! and the Kernodle Center.
    • Supported the Periclean Scholars Program through development of manuals and mentoring of underclassmen


  • $10,000 to sponsor the Adolescent Girls Program at CRHP
  • $9,000 toward Haiti earthquake relief effort
  • $9,000 toward CSR-Nonprofit Summit in Pune
  • $12,000 toward Elon Postgraduate Fellowship at CRHP



  • $5,000 Fund for Excellence in the Arts and Sciences, used for India Week in Spring 2010 and for hosting the Divya and Sankar Krishnan as Pericleans in Residence
  • $28,500 Carole and Doug Bruns Endowment for International Service Learning, allowed 11 Periclean Scholars to spend time at CRHP in the summer of 2010
  • $1500 Community Partnership Initiative Grant in support of CSR-Nonprofit Summit
  • $1,000 Student Government Association Discretionary Funds in support of class travel to India
  • $4,000 for the creation of the Health for All documentary, raised through Kickstarter
  • Support from the Periclean Scholars Program for site visits, conference travel, and class project.



  • CSR-Nonprofit Summit (10 students), January 2012 (Periclean-run conference)
  • Clinton Global Initiative University (6 students), spring 2010
  • Debating for Democracy (2 students), spring 2011
  • Switch Point Conference (3 students), spring 2012
  • Nonprofit Board/Governance (1 students), spring 2012
  • Spring University Research Forum (3 students), spring 2012



  • Health for All documentary, in post-production
  • Produced a video for the Leaders of the 21st century event
  • Produced three “elevator speeches” – first place winner in 2011
  • Helped write Edwin Toone’s Portraits of Change: A Closer Look at the People of CRHP
  • First place winner in the Human Trafficking Week awareness video contest
  • Co-edited & redesigned the Periclean Scholars Newsletter
  • Created a series of interview videos with the director of CRHP, Ravi Arole
  • Made a travel video highlighting the 2010 winter term India science and education course with Dr. Kamela



  • Thirteen class members completed internships at CRHP in 2010
  • Zombie Walk fundraiser, supporting BHA at the Holly Hill Mall, fall 2011
  • Numerous profit shares throughout North Carolina & multiple in hometowns
  • Multiple academic research projects, including speeches, presentations, and papers
  • Dance for Haiti event for aid of the 2010 earthquake
  • Created a manual for hosting Periclean 5K races, for fundraising use by other classes


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2015 Class Resume

Periclean Scholars Class of 2015

Mission Statement

We, the Periclean Scholars Class of 2015 at Elon University, strive to empower individuals and communities, in both North Carolina and Haiti, by providing opportunity and hope through the exchange of knowledge and resources. We will develop mutually beneficial partnerships, locally and internationally, in the hopes of promoting social justice and human dignity, focusing on the Haitian restavek community. While remaining conscious of cultural differences, we aim to raise awareness about modern day child slavery and human trafficking. In doing so, we aspire to encourage healthy and autonomous lifestyles for those affected by these issues.


Class Activities


Farmer, Paul (2011) Haiti: After the earthquake.  Public Affairs, New York.

Harris, Dan (7/8/2008).  How to buy a child in 10 hours. ABC Nightline.


Guest Speakers

Courtney Latta – Periclean alumna who has worked in Haiti

Jaimie Metellus – an Elon senior from Haiti


Field Trips

Haiti Lab, Duke University

Mount Olive, NC – Max’s Grand Bistro (Haitian restaurant)



Raised over $250 to support Haitian college student  who serves as a translator for groups who come to Haiti

Selling Periclean discount cards


Pan-Periclean Activities

Hosted Homecoming tailgate party

Regular contributor to Periclean newsletter

Planned and hosted Induction Ceremony for Class of 2016


Other Activities

Campus Fest 2012

Class Brunch

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