2016’s Grant Writing Workshop

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Dr. Kurt Moore: Grant Writing Workshop

Summary: We were able to learn all about the grant finding and writing process. This is great for our domestic projects (LUPE and Sustainable Business Summit) and for our abroad projects (Hope For Honduran Children).



  1. General Announcements
  • Need people for Spanish lessons over spring break
  • Meeting with Francois (exchange program vs. apply as Elon student)
    • meeting with Paul Geis and Admissions
  • 31st Immigration Talk (Juliana)
  • Cookies to gogo April 8th
  • Mission statement has been revised
  • Van from Elon to LUPE

2. Grant Writing Workshop

  • buy a space (LUPE) = capital grant
  • we might want to try foreign
  • 75% donated comes from individuals
  • government call for proposals on what they have budgeted
  • apply through Honduras embassy, H4HC would apply for the grant from the Honduran government
  • do your research and make sure you are a fit
  • Private Foundations -> look locally for LUPE (NC community Foundation/Greater Greensboro Community Foundation)
  • Corporate Gifts In-Kind -> companies give supplies rather than money
  • Transition home computers -> go to manufactures for that
  • How to find these foundations? direction connection is best
  • look at foundation directories on powerpoint; contact to use Elon’s subscription to these directories
  • go to hospital/local places and see where this funding is coming from
  • look at organizations that are doing similar work
  • think out of the box!!!
  • show funders that you are sustainable
  • have a leader for each grant?
  • one person writes it . . . so it flows well
  • make sure to write the summary last
  • show off the successes of your organization, why YOU???
  • address whether or not you will use outside consultant
  • you can put money to your volunteer hours -> put in annual figure
    • this is money we are bringing to the table
  • Ask Dr. Moore for attachments that we need
  • Sponsorships (getting equipment)
  • sponsors wants visibility
  • Dr. Moore can research foundations to see if they are a good fit


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