Kelly Parshall, Class of 2010, gives an update from Vanuatu


Kelly Parshall, Class of 2010, gives an update from Vanuatu in her role as a Peace Corps volunteer.

Hello! Here is my long-awaited update from Vanuatu:

I’m currently working as a Community Health Facilitator in Vanuatu, a
small island nation in the South Pacific (I’d never heard of it before
I was posted there either.) I live on Paama, a tiny 3×5 mile island in
central Vanuatu, in an isolated village of about 200 people called
Lulep. Paama Island has no electricity, water sources, roads, cars,
internet, or much of anything, really. I work at an aid post, which is
the lowest form of health care available in the country. PCVs aren’t
allowed to perform any clinical activities, so much of my work is
health education and prevention. My local counterpart is the village
health worker and midwife of the village, Lika.  Our initiatives so
far include: a new mama’s group, a water and sanitation workshop, soap
making demonstrations, adolescent reproductive health workshop and
HIV/STI awarenesses. As far as physical projects go, we are in the
midst of trying to attain funding for VIP (ventilated improved pit)
toilets. I also teach an English class at the school to grades 5-6
every morning. Coping with the isolation of living on an island with
no friends, internet or reliable cell phone service has been tough,
but this year has been one of immense personal growth. As strange as
it is, the island has become home to me and I look forward to a more
comfortable, productive second year of service.

I only get the (unbearably slow) internet every 2-3 months when I come
into the capital city, so I can be rather elusive. You can write me

Kelly/Leitas (custom name)
Peace Corps Volunteer
Lulep Village
Paama Island
Vanuatu, South Pacific

I hope you are enjoying the beginning of a new year at Elon and look
forward to seeing what you and the Pericleans accomplish!



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