Life Update from two-time Periclean-in-Residence Anita Ndalulilua Iyambo Isaacs


Life Update from two-time Periclean-in-Residence Anita Ndalulilua Iyambo Isaacs

It is my second year at UNAM and it seems I am already in my third, how time can fly!! We have only two months to go and it will be final exams for the second year. Looking forward to my third year.

This year is a difficult year for Namibia because we are facing the worst drought in twenty years. We have received tremendous support from other countries and friends all over the world.

We had our oath taking ceremony on the 24th April, this gives us opportunity to practice our theory in the communities. We have been doing practice with individual clients during the first semester and now we have started with groups. Next year we will be doing communities. I am so excited to put in practice what I have learned, although I have been doing it for the past twenty years, I will be doing it professional.

DSCN2723I am still working with the YWCA of Namibia, NENAWOLA and Tonata, although not on a fulltime basis. I have so many assignment especially this semester and time is limited.

When I speak to others I always mention that I have a big family across the Ocean who keeps me alive eleven years ago, and you are still keeping me and my family going. I am very grate full to all your support.

I am looking forward to come and work with Class of  2017, and I hope you will be helping me in my work. My family is doing well and my grandchildren are also well. Thank you for continuing supporting me and fighting with us HIV. To us it is no more a death sentence but a disease, we can control and continue living like any other human being.

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