Mia Brady

Hello! My name is Mia Brady, and I am a senior at Elon University in North Carolina. For as long as I can remember, I have had a love for literature, reading, and writing. Over the past few years, I have matured and prospered as a college student and this love has grown into passion. Here at Elon, I am pursuing a major in English with a concentration in Professional Writing and Rhetoric, as well as a minor in Communications. This past summer, I completed an editorial internship with John Wiley and Sons, and in the summer of 2011, an internship with Skyhorse Publishing. Through these experiences, I gained irreplaceable knowledge about the book publishing industry, and established a firm interest in this field. I plan on implementing writing in my career for years to come; working on this Highway 64 project has been great practice for my future. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time spent on this unique project. I have had the opportunity to travel throughout the great state of North Carolina, visit incredible restaurants and places, and establish a better understanding of writing as inquiry as a whole. A Northern girl born and raised in New Jersey, I never thought I’d know so much about Carolina barbecue, but I am definitely happy that I do.