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Blue Moon Beach Grill: Review

By Laura Dunbar Dinner in Nags Head was one of the most difficult choices we had to make on our trip. Compared to the other towns we had visited, Nags Head had an abundance of restaurants to offer. When weRead more Blue Moon Beach Grill: Review

The Prime Smokehouse

By Jennifer Grant I often think that mac and cheese should be its own separate food group. Like fruits and vegetables, it takes up a large chunk of my diet. I’ve seldom found mac and cheese I disliked, but IRead more The Prime Smokehouse

The Trip Home

By Andrew Scott At its quickest, three hours and fifty-eight minutes. At its slowest six hours and thirty-six minutes. On average, four hours and sixteen minutes. These are the approximate lengths of time that I have spent traveling Highway 64Read more The Trip Home

Roanoke River- National Wildlife Refuge

By Andrew Scott Leaves of red and gold fell slowly down from the tree tops to the watery ground of the Roanoke River. The cool fall wind wisps and bites at the neck as one walks along the boardwalk andRead more Roanoke River- National Wildlife Refuge

Stripers Bar and Grille

By Jennifer Grant Our plans to eat breakfast while looking out over the marina had been slightly foiled by Mother Nature. The sky was dark and gloomy and the rainfall had just turned heavier as we pulled into the parkingRead more Stripers Bar and Grille

Treasures of Tarboro at Off the Main

By Jennifer Grant Tucked away on a side street of unassuming downtown Tarboro stands a beige Victorian style home. If not for a sign in the front yard, the average passerby would just chalk it up as another sweet, southernRead more Treasures of Tarboro at Off the

Lou Reda’s American Table: Review

By Laura Dunbar Driving through Rocky Mount, the restaurant scene didn’t exactly look promising. Houses and businesses around appeared old and rundown, but after two and a half hours on the road we were tired and hungry, so we lookedRead more Lou Reda’s American Table: Review

OBX Brewtag Festival

By Laura Dunbar The Outer Banks is a popular destination in the North Carolinian summer months, and a common misconception holds that there isn’t much to do come the off season. Though there are many less tourists and the AtlanticRead more OBX Brewtag Festival

Surfin’ Spoon

Surfin’ Spoon is the quintessential Outer Banks shop. A small family business just a few steps from the beach in Nags Head, Surfin’ Spoon is a frozen yogurt bar that indulges in the laid-back atmosphere of the coastal town. AfterRead more Surfin’ Spoon

Nashville Exchange Restaurant Review

By Abbey Foucart, 2017 To say that the downtown strip of Nashville is slow on weekends would be an understatement. When my group visited in late October, there were hardly any cars to be seen, besides a few odd onesRead more Nashville Exchange Restaurant Review

Michael’s Showside Grill Review

By Lauren Franceschini   As we drove into Spring Hope, the first town on our journey to the coast, we noticed its sleepiness. Divided by an abandoned railroad track, the streets were lined with thrift stores, antique shops, and oneRead more Michael’s Showside Grill Review

An Afternoon in Tarboro

By Ciara Corcoran   The aftermath of Hurricane Matthew was present in Tarboro as we tried to drive into the town. Sections of Highway 64 were blocked due to flooding from the Tar River and the National Guard stood byRead more An Afternoon in Tarboro

Rocky Mount Farmer’s Market

By Ciara Corcoran   On a crisp October morning, we pulled into the Rocky Mount Farmer’s Market. The goal: fresh apples. Status: hungry. The Market was situated in a permanent shelter on Peachtree Street, about 5 minutes from Rocky Mount’sRead more Rocky Mount Farmer’s Market

The North Carolina Aquarium

By Taylor Logeman, 2014 As they approach the North Carolina coast, those traipsing near the end of Highway 64 are likely to miss a certain point of interest, though this is a site definitely worth visiting.  Roanoke Island, adjacent toRead more The North Carolina Aquarium

Livers & Gizzards: Our Time at the Golden Skillet

By Eliza Williams, 2014 We dropped our bags in the room and collapsed onto the bed. After a long day of driving and seeking out the best of the best in the three towns we visited along Highway 64 TaylorRead more Livers & Gizzards: Our Time at

Showside Grill

By Kyle Lynch – 2014 Spring Hope is a small town with a population just over 1,000 people. On a cool, fall evening the town seemed empty, with only a few cars slowly driving through the wide streets. We droveRead more Showside Grill

Canter Closer Tiny Dancer

By Taylor Logeman – 2014 It was a magical place. I’d never seen anything like it. An impossibly enormous equestrian facility, with the rich smells of manure and fresh leather wafting throughout the freshly cut lawns. Dozens of indoor arenasRead more Canter Closer Tiny Dancer

Snapshot of Nashville, NC

By Kyle Lynch – 2014 When you drive into Nashville, North Carolina, you are immediately greeted by a large, intimidating brick building. A quick glance and you can read the sign for the Nash County Sheriff’s Office, directly across the streetRead more Snapshot of Nashville, NC

Things I Lost

By Eliza Williams – 2014 2.05 p.m. My watch ticked as I stood waiting in the Boar’s Head group that crowds the deli in downstairs Colonnades right after classes every day. I glared down as the clock hands passed on andRead more Things I Lost

Piering Over the Edge

By Eliza Williams – 2014 The sand squishes between your toes as the cool, crystalline water engulfs your feet. The waves retreat and emit a soothing sound as the shells and rocks along the shore are rolled back out to sea.Read more Piering Over the Edge

Mayor on a Mission: Mayor Bradley Davis of Jamesville

By Eliza Williams – 2014 “I never actually wanted to be mayor,” he states as we sit inside Jamesville’s Town Hall. Taylor and I are across the table from Mayor Bradley Davis, asking him questions about his role with the townRead more Mayor on a Mission: Mayor Bradley

Meeting an Old Friend in Robersonville

By Kyle Lynch – 2014 Carol’s Home Cooking sat right on the edge of the town of Robersonville, if you want to call it a town. With a total area of only 1.2 square miles, you are out of RobersonvilleRead more Meeting an Old Friend in Robersonville

Sunny Side Oyster Bar

By Taylor Logeman and Eliza Williams – 2014 Peering out the car window, camera poised against my face, I did my best to keep up with our unofficial tour guide’s rapidfire flow of synopses of each town’s point of historical interest.  It seemedRead more Sunny Side Oyster Bar

Dunes Burger

By Ja’Mei Bess, 2013 I patiently waited for the slow mini van to chug on by as I pulled into the parking lot beside the entrance I meant to turn into. Having had a long day of horrible GPS directions, IRead more Dunes Burger

Front Porch Cafe

By: Dannie Cooper, 2013 On the third day of our travels along Route 64, we woke up in Plymouth and drove out to Manteo. Finding ourselves without caffeine and a little hungry, we decided to stop somewhere in Manteo.  OneRead more Front Porch Cafe

Tarboro Calvary Episcopal Churchyard

By: Dannie Cooper, 2013 On our way home, we stopped in Tarboro to visit the Tarboro Calvary Episcopal Church.  One of my travel mates had seen pictures of the cemetery online and wanted to explore it in person.  I didn’tRead more Tarboro Calvary Episcopal Churchyard

Review of Highway 64 Diner

By Mei Bess, 2013 The Highway Diner 64 is a quaint restaurant right off of Highway 64 (as one might guess) in Rocky Mount. Hearing the word ‘diner’ I expected the place to resemble the local-scum-bucket-Landford-Lunch-Box from Roseanne type ofRead more Review of Highway 64 Diner

Elizabethan Gardens

By Mei Bess, 2013 Elizabethan Gardens, home to the largest bronze statue of Queen Elizabeth I and ten acres of beautiful landscaping in Manteo, NC. Construction began on June 2, 1953, the same day Queen Elizabeth II was crowned QueenRead more Elizabethan Gardens

Jenkins Antiques

By Noah Manneville, 2013 Along the route to Williamston, North Carolina by way of Highway 64, a house stands quietly alongside the narrow two-lane road. A large display reads, ‘Jenkins Antiques’ in cursive, and from one look at the buildingRead more Jenkins Antiques

Garden Spot Cafe and Bar

By Noah Manneville, 2013 At midday on the Friday in October when we arrived in Plymouth, the town seemed to be at a standstill. Every door was shut and locked, and the only signs of life were outside the townRead more Garden Spot Cafe and Bar