Siler City

Siler City is a community comprised of 7,933 residents located in central North Carolina at the junction of US64 and US421. Siler City has been known as a railroad and farming community ever since it was founded in the 1750’s. Siler City is home of the supposed best burger in North Carolina—Johnson’s Drive-In—which coincides with the meet processors that town was once known for, although they have today faded away. Frances Bevier, the woman who played Aunt Bee on the Andy Griffith Show, is from Siler City—a large aspect of the town’s claim to fame. Further, Terry McInturff who made twenty to thirty-thousand dollar guitars for Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) and Brad Whitford (Aerosmith) has an exclusive studio downtown. If these three aspects aren’t enough encouragement to visit this quaint town, Siler City is worth visiting merely for the kindhearted, friendly residents that the town is known for.

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What We Walked Into

By Miranda Romano -2014 The streets outside were quiet. The farmer’s market we had expected to find was actually an empty lot, so we searched the buildings for somewhere open; some sign of life. As I stepped through the doorRead more What We Walked Into

A Family Affair: Pork Chop’s Story

By Kelley Dodge – 2014 Driving into Siler City on a Sunday morning was like entering a ghost town. With most people at church, there were no cars on the street and no people to be seen. After driving two loopsRead more A Family Affair: Pork Chop’s Story

Siler City Farmers Market

By Grace Elkus and Brynna Bantley, 2013 The Siler City Farmer’s Market is more than just a produce stand. It’s a community of local farmers and craftspeople, all eager to share their handcrafted products and personal stories with any passerby.Read more Siler City Farmers Market

Roger Person: An Artist as Vibrant as His Work

By Grace Elkus and Anne Marie Glen, 2013 In the small town of Siler City, North Carolina lies a hidden gem: a bustling and ever-growing community of local artists. Arguably the most intriguing of these artists is a man namedRead more Roger Person: An Artist as Vibrant