While traveling on U.S. Hwy 64 between Mocksville and Asheboro, you’ll be lucky enough to drive straight through the heart of the Barbecue Capital of the World. Lexington, North Carolina is recognized the world over for its excellence in this classic American Cuisine. Travel to Lexington on one of the last two Saturdays in October, and you will be one of many guests at the World Famous Annual Barbecue Festival. This town, with a population of normally 19,000, grows to host over 200,000 barbecue lovers for this one special day.

Settled in 1775, Lexington lies in the western part of North Carolina’s Piedmont region. It is home to the historically treasured Old Davidson County Courthouse, Richard Childress’ Winery and Vineyard, and the nationally acclaimed Bob Timberlake Art Gallery. Lexington is a place full of small town character whose charm adds to its extraordinary quality of life.

Lexington Features and Reviews

Lexington Barbecue Festival- 2017

By Jessica Mohr For me, the first thing that comes to mind when I think of a North Carolina barbeque festival is the smell. That scent of pigs parts being slowly roasted over a variety of wood wafts all aroundRead more Lexington Barbecue Festival- 2017

Smiley’s Barbeque

By Maggy McGloin Lexington, North Carolina: the country’s home for delicious barbecue. Lexington is known for its vast history of barbecue since the town created its own preparation style. “Piedmont-style sauce is not tomato-based,” says Katie Quinne, a writer for OurRead more Smiley’s Barbeque

A Delicious Chat

By Jenna Hokanson – 2014 Lexington, North Carolina has been my home for my entire life. I’ve never moved or spent as much time anywhere as I have in this town. Even though I don’t know nearly as much asRead more A Delicious Chat

Sweets Off Main Streets

By Jenna Hokanson – 2014 The old, creaky floors, red candy buckets and candies and toys from the 1940s bring a whirlwind of nostalgia when you open the door to The Candy Factory. Located in Lexington, the factory is theRead more Sweets Off Main Streets

Lexington’s Legacy: the 30th Annual Barbecue Festival

By Brynna Bantley, 2013 Lexington, North Carolina: Barbecue Capital of the World. To some, this may seem a daunting and mighty title to uphold; but for the citizens of Lexington, it’s simply tradition. Lexington is nestled in the western partRead more Lexington’s Legacy: the 30th Annual Barbecue