Pittsboro is located in the center of Chatham County which is one of the fastest growing counties in North Carolina. Pittsboro inhabits a diverse group of people—from artists and farmers, to merchants and students. Pittsboro is home to four local schools—one elementary school, two middle schools, one high school, as well as Central Carolina Community College, Chatham County Campus. Roughly 3,700 people live in the town. The North Carolina Zen Center—a Zen Buddhist Temple and Buddhist retreat center—is also located in Pittsboro. Pittsboro has moved away from textiles, the world’s largest clothing label mill, and poultry that once fully consumed the town’s economy. Today, commuter income, retail, and a developing business in genetics have taken over.

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Preserving the Charm: Pittsboro, NC

By Kelley Dodge – 2014 Driving into the quaint town of Pittsboro, we immediately swerve into a parking spot outside the historic Chatham County Courthouse. The Victorian-style building, with a three-layer cupola, marks the beginning of downtown Pittsboro. Before makingRead more Preserving the Charm: Pittsboro, NC

“Live Big, Eat Small:” Small B&B Cafe

By Grace Elkus and Brynna Bantley, 2013 As we walked around downtown Pittsboro on a Sunday morning in early October, we were almost ready to give up on finding breakfast. Our options seemed limited to the Pittsboro Roadhouse, where weRead more “Live Big, Eat Small:” Small B&B

Pittsboro Roadhouse

 By Dustin Swope, 2013 Opening its doors in 1979 on the corner of Thompson and Hillsboroguh, the general store became almost as iconic of Pittsboro as the Chatam County Courthouse. It moved to its current location adjacent to the courthouseRead more Pittsboro Roadhouse