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Latest Features and Reviews from the Piedmont


Homeland Creamery Food Review

Through the sparse, winding back roads approximately fifteen miles south of Burlington, North Carolina sits Homeland Creamery, one of the most raved about places in the area to get ice cream, milkshakes, and more. It’s your classic mom and popRead more Homeland Creamery Food Review

The Power of Abundance

“We have everything we need, right here at home.” No one could have said it better. The Piedmont region of North Carolina is home to Abundance North Carolina, an organization whose mission is plain and simple: “Bring people together toRead more The Power of Abundance

Abundance NC’s 12th Annual Pepper Festival

Just off of the tree-lined, winding path of Highway 64 nestled into Piedmont North Carolina lives the quaint, charming town of Pittsboro. While many of its residents embrace small-town values and quiet southern living, Pittsboro is far from traditional. TheRead more Abundance NC’s 12th Annual Pepper Festival

A Taste of Saxapahaw: The Eddy Pub

Set on the banks of the idyllic Haw River in the quiet, quirky town of Saxapahaw is a farm-to-fork eatery that is serving up its own version of pub fair. The Eddy Pub, the name eddy referring to a restingRead more A Taste of Saxapahaw: The Eddy

Magnolia 23 (Asheboro, NC)

By Soula Kosti Magnolia 23 is a small restaurant on 23 South Fayetteville Street in Asheboro, NC. This restaurant takes pride in its home-cooking and soul food. The owners have created a homey, Southern spot with the Southern-style fried chicken asRead more Magnolia 23 (Asheboro, NC)

lucettegrace Review

By Soula Kosti During our long trip around the places Highway 64 connects, our last destination in the Piedmont area was Raleigh. Once we finished our drive around Raleigh, we decided to stop at a bakery and satisfy our sweet tooth.Read more lucettegrace Review

Daniel’s Restaurant and Catering

By Jessica Mohr This review is special to me because I have been going to Daniel’s Restaurant and Catering for as long as I can remember. Whenever extended family came into town from Philadelphia, we would always take them hereRead more Daniel’s Restaurant and Catering

Lexington Barbecue Festival- 2017

By Jessica Mohr For me, the first thing that comes to mind when I think of a North Carolina barbeque festival is the smell. That scent of pigs parts being slowly roasted over a variety of wood wafts all aroundRead more Lexington Barbecue Festival- 2017

Piedmont Travelogue

By Jessica Mohr On a sunny morning in late October, my travel group and I set out in my mom’s Chevy Avalanche for a day-long road trip around central North Carolina. From Elon to Lexington, we enjoyed taking in theRead more Piedmont Travelogue

Piedmont Profile

By Nicole Galante             The Piedmont leg of Highway 64 is much more than a collection of small country towns. It is historical, diverse–it encapsulates the spirit of North Carolina.  We began our journey inRead more Piedmont Profile

Asheboro Fall Festival

By Nicole Galante Anyone who visits the Asheboro Fall Festival will quickly realize that “small, North Carolina town” is not synonymous with “lack of excitement.”   We arrived just before the start of the festival, 9:45 AM; however, the mainRead more Asheboro Fall Festival

Seeking Historic Sites in Franklinville, NC

After driving for 45 minutes past green fields and farms that seemed to belong in a Western film, we parked beside the Deep River and set foot on Franklinville soil for the first time. There was no one in sightRead more Seeking Historic Sites in Franklinville, NC

Saxapahaw General Store

By Jordan Stanley Driving just off Highway 64, the road turns rural and winding, running flat against open fields and old farm homes. It feels, in many ways, that the road is taking you nowhere–until the car turns left aroundRead more Saxapahaw General Store

Smiley’s Barbeque

By Maggy McGloin Lexington, North Carolina: the country’s home for delicious barbecue. Lexington is known for its vast history of barbecue since the town created its own preparation style. “Piedmont-style sauce is not tomato-based,” says Katie Quinne, a writer for OurRead more Smiley’s Barbeque

Happy Fall Y’all!: A Day on Ramseur’s Main Street.

After spending 45 minutes listening to the Beetles and talking to a very jovial, eccentric, and extremely talkative red-headed Uber driver named Jimmy (whom turned out to be a knowledgeable farmer), I found myself stepping out into the tiny townRead more Happy Fall Y’all!: A Day on

Traveling Through Home: A Native of the Highway

By Jenna Hokanson -2014 The phrase “the grass is always greener” has never failed to boggle my mind. As humans tend to always want the things that are out of grasp to us, the things that we aren’t used to seeingRead more Traveling Through Home: A Native of

What We Walked Into

By Miranda Romano -2014 The streets outside were quiet. The farmer’s market we had expected to find was actually an empty lot, so we searched the buildings for somewhere open; some sign of life. As I stepped through the doorRead more What We Walked Into

Time Traveling in Asheboro

By Miranda Romano – 2014 Walking into the Antique Mall was like walking into a stranger’s grandparent’s house: if their grandparents kept everything they’d ever owned along with all the possessions of their parents and their parents’ parents. The place wasRead more Time Traveling in Asheboro

Preserving the Charm: Pittsboro, NC

By Kelley Dodge – 2014 Driving into the quaint town of Pittsboro, we immediately swerve into a parking spot outside the historic Chatham County Courthouse. The Victorian-style building, with a three-layer cupola, marks the beginning of downtown Pittsboro. Before makingRead more Preserving the Charm: Pittsboro, NC

Raleigh Roots

By Caroline Zybala – 2014 While at the International Festival in Raleigh, NC, our group kept seeing this man, wearing some traditional ethnic attire and a hat with a large feather, walking around the convention center. We finally decided toRead more Raleigh Roots

International Festival: Raleigh

By Caroline Zybala – 2014 Our first stop for our entire Highway 64 project was the International Festival, held in Raleigh. When we looked at the event online, we decided that we definitely had to attend and see what it entailed.Read more International Festival: Raleigh

Blissful Barbecue: The Pit

By Kelley Dodge – 2014 Driving through downtown Raleigh, it would be easy for one to miss the Pit, a barbecue restaurant situated in a restored 1930s meatpacking warehouse. Seeking out this hidden gem,we arrived at the Pit with highRead more Blissful Barbecue: The Pit

A Delicious Chat

By Jenna Hokanson – 2014 Lexington, North Carolina has been my home for my entire life. I’ve never moved or spent as much time anywhere as I have in this town. Even though I don’t know nearly as much asRead more A Delicious Chat

No Speed Limit Signs?

By Caroline Zybala – 2014  After a long day of traveling, all anyone ever wants to do is go home. Our group had spent all day exploring the exciting downtown of Raleigh, and by the time four o’clock rolled around,Read more No Speed Limit Signs?

Asheboro Fall Festival

By Caroline Zybala – 2014 On a brisk October Saturday, with the sun offering a warm glow, our group traveled to Asheboro for their annual Fall Festival. After having to turn around because we passed the main part of town whereRead more Asheboro Fall Festival

Dining and Donating

By Kelley Dodge – 2014 At Di’lishi Frozen Yogurt, the options were endless. With 10 flavors and more than 60 toppings, it took multiple tastings to figure out what combination was best. While I opted for dark chocolate frozen yogurtRead more Dining and Donating

A Family Affair: Pork Chop’s Story

By Kelley Dodge – 2014 Driving into Siler City on a Sunday morning was like entering a ghost town. With most people at church, there were no cars on the street and no people to be seen. After driving two loopsRead more A Family Affair: Pork Chop’s Story

Tasting the World in Raleigh, NC

By Jenna Hokanson – 2014 Upon arriving at the International Festival, I was already overwhelmed (in the best way) by the types of music, the saris, the calligraphy, and the henna displayed before me. I was, however, not anticipating theRead more Tasting the World in Raleigh, NC

Sweets Off Main Streets

By Jenna Hokanson – 2014 The old, creaky floors, red candy buckets and candies and toys from the 1940s bring a whirlwind of nostalgia when you open the door to The Candy Factory. Located in Lexington, the factory is theRead more Sweets Off Main Streets

Surprise Vineyard Stop

By Jenna Hokanson – 2014 While I was in the Saxapahaw General Store, I purchased a muscadine wine that looked delicious and was made locally from Benjamin’s Winery! I love the local products and was so excited to try it. OnRead more Surprise Vineyard Stop