Statesville: Fourth Creek Brewing

Fourth Creek Brewing Company is a local establishment in the heart of downtown Statesville, North Carolina and just a few minutes off of Highway 64. This brewery crafts local beer in house and provides a comfortable taproom environment that isRead more Statesville: Fourth Creek Brewing

A Taste of Hendersonville: The Rhythm and Brews Festival

The winding road seemed to be jutting around every hill in the North Carolina Smoky Mountains. Erica, with her fresh Connecticut license plate, grabbed the wheel and whipped through the roads like a champ and jack lay asleep in theRead more A Taste of Hendersonville: The Rhythm

Goat Lady Dairy

Goat Lady Dairy is a crown jewel for artisanal cheese making, proudly living in the back roads of North Carolina’s Randolph County where it has survived for the last 200 years. The burgeoning community surrounding it, English settlers who landedRead more Goat Lady Dairy

The Power of Abundance

“We have everything we need, right here at home.” No one could have said it better. The Piedmont region of North Carolina is home to Abundance North Carolina, an organization whose mission is plain and simple: “Bring people together toRead more The Power of Abundance

Snapshot: Franklin, NC

Deep in the mountains of North Carolina is the town of Franklin. When walking down Franklin’s main street, there’s a memorial or sign for every period of history: a sign talking about the town’s role in the French and Indian War,Read more Snapshot: Franklin, NC

Lake Lure: Your Perfect Next Getaway

Have you ever wanted to visit the same scenic town that Johnny performed that iconic lift with Baby in Dirty Dancing? Or do you just want to spend a peaceful long weekend in the foothills region of North Carolina? ThenRead more Lake Lure: Your Perfect Next Getaway

Simplicity and Tourism in Highlands, NC

The internet paints Highlands as a town known more for its iconic waterfalls than its community.  Driving on the winding roads of Highway 64 to Highlands, I was expecting a shambly town with a couple shops on main street. TheRead more Simplicity and Tourism in Highlands, NC

The Leaf Festival

Contrary to its misleading name, the Leaf Festival in Cashiers, North Carolina is in no way related to leaves. Regardless, this festival was an amazing experience that I enjoyed so much more that I thought I would. This event turnedRead more The Leaf Festival

Motor Co. Grill

We arrived at Franklin right around dinnertime, settled into our hostel for the next two nights and immediately asked, where are we going to eat? I had done some research on places to eat in the area, but we decidedRead more Motor Co. Grill

Right Place, Right Time: Lake Lure has a lot to Offer

By Claire Gaskill         Along the winding road of Highway 64 lies Lake Lure. This small town is known for its parks, historic landmarks, and, as denoted by its name, winding lake. Lake Lure is not vastRead more Right Place, Right Time: Lake Lure

Piedmont Travelogue

By Jessica Mohr On a sunny morning in late October, my travel group and I set out in my mom’s Chevy Avalanche for a day-long road trip around central North Carolina. From Elon to Lexington, we enjoyed taking in theRead more Piedmont Travelogue

Piedmont Profile

By Nicole Galante             The Piedmont leg of Highway 64 is much more than a collection of small country towns. It is historical, diverse–it encapsulates the spirit of North Carolina.  We began our journey inRead more Piedmont Profile

The Trip Home

By Andrew Scott At its quickest, three hours and fifty-eight minutes. At its slowest six hours and thirty-six minutes. On average, four hours and sixteen minutes. These are the approximate lengths of time that I have spent traveling Highway 64Read more The Trip Home

A Changing Industry: Apple Growing in the Foothills

By Kate Flinn The average traveler passing through Taylorsville, North Carolina might not stumble across Deal Orchards. The orchard was at least a twenty-minute drive from what we believed to be downtown Taylorsville, though it was hard to be sure.Read more A Changing Industry: Apple Growing in

Lake Lure and the Beginning of the Forest Fire

By Maggy McGloin – 2016 Moving from the Western part of the state, the drive to Lake Lure brings Highway 64 through a more natural, unchartered territory. After weaving around winding turns, across abandoned-looking towns, and several fruit stands, you willRead more Lake Lure and the Beginning of