Right Place, Right Time: Lake Lure has a lot to Offer

By Claire Gaskill         Along the winding road of Highway 64 lies Lake Lure. This small town is known for its parks, historic landmarks, and, as denoted by its name, winding lake. Lake Lure is not vastRead more Right Place, Right Time: Lake Lure

Piedmont Travelogue

By Jessica Mohr On a sunny morning in late October, my travel group and I set out in my mom’s Chevy Avalanche for a day-long road trip around central North Carolina. From Elon to Lexington, we enjoyed taking in theRead more Piedmont Travelogue

Piedmont Profile

By Nicole Galante             The Piedmont leg of Highway 64 is much more than a collection of small country towns. It is historical, diverse–it encapsulates the spirit of North Carolina.  We began our journey inRead more Piedmont Profile

The Trip Home

By Andrew Scott At its quickest, three hours and fifty-eight minutes. At its slowest six hours and thirty-six minutes. On average, four hours and sixteen minutes. These are the approximate lengths of time that I have spent traveling Highway 64Read more The Trip Home

A Changing Industry: Apple Growing in the Foothills

By Kate Flinn The average traveler passing through Taylorsville, North Carolina might not stumble across Deal Orchards. The orchard was at least a twenty-minute drive from what we believed to be downtown Taylorsville, though it was hard to be sure.Read more A Changing Industry: Apple Growing in

Lake Lure and the Beginning of the Forest Fire

By Maggy McGloin – 2016 Moving from the Western part of the state, the drive to Lake Lure brings Highway 64 through a more natural, unchartered territory. After weaving around winding turns, across abandoned-looking towns, and several fruit stands, you willRead more Lake Lure and the Beginning of

Small-Town Sundays in the Foothills: What Not to Do

By Jordan Stanley – 2016 The Expectation: Lenoir was the last stop of a two-day, six-town road trip through the North Carolina Foothills. To get a taste of the town, one might start by driving down the main street, scavenging forRead more Small-Town Sundays in the Foothills: What

The John C. Campbell Folk School

By Samantha Lubliner, 2016 Past a gas station screenshot from the ‘60s was the town of Brasstown. Composed of a mail center, library, and gas station, the surrounding hill was a collection of homes bordered with signs encouraging the election ofRead more The John C. Campbell Folk School

Rocky Mount Farmer’s Market

By Ciara Corcoran   On a crisp October morning, we pulled into the Rocky Mount Farmer’s Market. The goal: fresh apples. Status: hungry. The Market was situated in a permanent shelter on Peachtree Street, about 5 minutes from Rocky Mount’sRead more Rocky Mount Farmer’s Market

Silver Run Falls

By Christian Kowalski, 2016 Silver Run Falls is a small waterfall found in Cashiers, NC. The path to Silver Run Falls was difficult to find and took our group a few tries to finally pinpoint the sign that led toRead more Silver Run Falls

Absolutely Gorge-ous: The Cullasaja Gorge

By Christian Kowalski, 2016 When driving to Highlands, our group was caught up in the beauty of the landscape around us. We were all trying to quickly take pictures of the mountains with the changing tree colors when we spottedRead more Absolutely Gorge-ous: The Cullasaja Gorge

Pisgah Thunder: All Male Dance Troupe

By Molly Spero, 2016 The meal at The Phoenix was normal up until a swarm of twenty men between their mid-twenties and mid-life crisis wearing matching outfits—head to toe—enthusiastically banged on the front window outside and swaggered into the restaurant drunkenly. TheyRead more Pisgah Thunder: All Male Dance Troupe

Exploring Franklin Pumpkin Festival

By Dani Halliday, 2016 Funnel cake, pumpkin bread, fresh local honey, and frog legs were all available for purchasing and eating at the 20th Annual Franklin Pumpkin Festival. This festival is famous for the pumpkin roll, where residents and visitorsRead more Exploring Franklin Pumpkin Festival

Car Ride to Murphy

By Dani Halliday, 2016 Our day began at 8:00 am with a quick stop in Dunkin Donuts. With our stomachs full of coffee and breakfast sandwiches (two in Molly’s case), we pulled onto I-40 to start the 300 mile journeyRead more Car Ride to Murphy

Finding Our Way to Jump Off Rock

By Dustin Swope -2014 Driving on public roads might be one of the ultimate ambiguous activities. For some people, driving means mind-numbing boredom and shifting around in the driver’s seat trying to figure out which butt cheek is more asleep. ForRead more Finding Our Way to Jump Off