Local Environmental Organizations

NC Conservation Network 

“Our vision is for diverse groups to engage in environmental policy decision- making at all levels of government – creating a North Carolina committed to improving and protecting the state’s vast natural resources, fostering environmental justice, and ensuring healthy, sustainable communities with a high quality of life.” 

Address: 234 Fayetteville St., 5th Floor, Raleigh, NC 27601 Phone Number: 919-857-4699 

Areas of Focus 

  • Climate Change 

“NC Conservation Network works to curb North Carolina’s emissions of pollutants that are causing climate change. That means reforming our electric power system to phase out fossil fuels while ramping up cheaper, cleaner alternatives such as solar and wind power, storage, and energy efficiency. It also means reforming our transportation system by promoting climate-friendly land use patterns, electric vehicles, and safe, energy-efficient commuting alternatives.” 

  • Health & Quality of Life 
  • Natural Heritage 
  • Racial Equity 
  • Resiliency 

“Major hurricanes and more frequent intense rains signal that North Carolina’s climate is changing. Our management of floodplains, stormwater, and other risks must adapt. Smart policies at the state and local levels can strengthen our communities and keep North Carolinians out of harm’s way. That includes planning for sea level rise, funding wise infrastructure investments, restoring floodplains, and managing stormwater to reduce downstream flooding.” 

Website: https://www.ncconservationnetwork.org

Environmental Defense Fund 

“We address today’s most urgent environmental challenges by targeting issues that affect people around the world. Working in partnership with others, we focus where we’re best positioned to help, based on our strengths.” 

Address: 4000 Westchase Blvd # 510, Raleigh, NC 27607 

Areas of focus 

  • Climate: move to a 100% clean economy 
  • Oceans: expand sustainable fishing globally 
  • Ecosystems: increase resilience 
  • Health: reduce exposure to pollutants 

Website: https://www.edf.org 

Environmental Research and Education Foundation 

Mission “To fund and direct scientific research and educational initiatives for waste management practices to benefit industry participants and the communities they serve. 

Vision “The leading institution lighting a clear path, through research and education, translating ideas into action for sustainable waste management practices.” 

Address: 3301 Benson Dr, Raleigh, NC 27609 

Website: https://erefdn.org

Coastal Conservation Association 

“The Coastal Conservation Association is a grassroots, non-profit, social movement organization of salt water anglers from 17 coastal states spanning the Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic, and Pacific coasts. The Coastal Conservation Association is primarily concerned with the restoration and conservation of coastal marine resources. CCA NC is a community of conservationists and recreational anglers working to promote sound management of public trust marine and estuarine resources to protect those resources for the enjoyment of current and future generations.” 

Address: 4809 Hargrove Rd # 123, Raleigh, NC 27616 

Website: https://ccanc.org

Conservation trust for nc 

“Our state, including our communities and the lands they love, need to be ready for the environmental challenges ahead. Our conservation model is grounded in the land yet powered by the people we serve beside. We will measure our success by how we work as much as what we do. By leading with our values, CTNC can be flexible and nimble in our approaches to land conservation.” 

Address: 1028 Washington St, Raleigh, NC 27605 

Website: https://ctnc.org 

NC League of Conservation Voters 

Mission “The North Carolina League of Conservation Voters (NCLCV) is a pragmatic, results-oriented, non-partisan organization whose mission is to protect the health and quality of life for all North Carolinians. We elect environmental champions, advocate for environmental policies that protect our communities, and hold elected leaders accountable for their decisions. We create a political environment that will protect our natural environment.” 

Current Issues they focus on 

  • Coal Ash 
  • Climate Crisis 
  • Clean Energy 

Address: 127 W Hargett St Ste 406, Raleigh, NC 27601 

Website: https://nclcv.org

Montrose Environmental Group 

Mission “To help protect the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the soil that feeds us.”Areas of Focus 

  • Waste-to-resources 
  • Water Treatment 
  • Environmental Engineering 
  • Remediation 
  • Compliance Services 

Address: 301 Brookdale St, Kannapolis, NC 28083 

Website: https://montrose-env.com

Environment NC 

“Funded by supporters, we research the challenges confronting our environment and educate the public about what’s at stake. Through our research reports, news conferences, interviews with reporters, op-ed pieces, letters to the editor and more, we raise awareness of environmental issues and promote sensible solutions. Our canvassers meet people where they are — in public places or door to door — raising awareness, recruiting new supporters and activists, and securing funds to support our work. We make the case for our environment and help people like you make an impact — through petitions, emails, letters, phone calls and more, all delivered to the right people just when it matters most.” 

Address: 19 W Hargett St #405, Raleigh, NC 27601 

Website: https://environmentnorthcarolina.org