Stitch Bitch

Well, I just lost my hypertext virginity and it was painful. However, to my surprise I can say I enjoyed the experience. Shelley Jackson’s unconventional way of delivering a body of work explaining and demonstrating hypertext gave me a “roller coaster” experience. Initially, I felt confused and almost scared to continue reading from Jackson’s first paragraph and her name dilemma. Similar to the feeling one has when slowly going up the first incline of a roller coaster, but, once I began to understand the context in which she was writing and how it related to the subject matter, the ride became more enjoyable. Don’t get me wrong,  there were plenty of ups and downs and I was ready for it to end. On the other hand, the ride delivered a direct experience.

Jackson did exactly what she wanted to do in this piece of literature: daze and confuse with a purpose. Isn’t that what hypertext is? She referred to it as being in a foreign country, and if you are in a foreign environment you would be dazed and confused until you get accustomed to your new surroundings. That’s what I think hypertext is, that’s what I believe Jackson was aiming for in “Stitch Bitch.” She through the reader into unfamiliar, non-linear territory and said find your way home.


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