Morris Motion Graphics

After watching the Rick Morris creative inspirations documentary there were two themes that resonated for me. The first is passion. In each section of the documentary you can sense it in Rick’s tone that he is especially passionate about creating  motion graphics. I got the best sense of his passion for illustration and graphics in his personal project section. It’s quite an abstract project in my opinion but  it seems to make perfect sense to him as he explains it and the process of creation and the only way you believe in something to that extent is the love for creative inspiration.

The second theme or area of thought that was especially important for me in this  documentary was developing a skillset and the process in which he creates anything. I think it is so important to be comfortable and familiar with all the tools that
you use when designing something and I loved how he mentioned that the pen is his favorite tool and where it starts for him. This was especially relevant for me because since learning how to use illustrator and photoshop I’ve found myself straying away from drawing anything first, which is probably my strongest asset. Recently I’ve started to sketch a lot more and I can’t deny that the results are better then they were before I was sketching first.

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