Broadcast Designers – Rick Morris

I found Rick Morris’s video to be very inspiring on a few different levels.  Firstly, that someone from an illustrative background can make such a drastic artistic switch and still be successful gives me some hope.  His doodles reminded me a lot of my doodles (although I have to gloat here and say that my doodles are more detailed and thoughtful than the doodles that they showed in the video), in both style and apparent randomness.  I also like what he had to say about coming from a drawing background and moving into the motion graphics industry, that I do not have to source images to use in my design because I can create them myself and that I have the ability to visually finish information, gestalt-style, where those who did not do as much drawing cannot.  Obviously these are all self-serving, it just feels nice to have someone that I feel kindred towards as the subject of this video.

A lot of Morris’s thoughts about career were also inspiring to me.  Although much of his advice are things that I already do, such as rarely saying no to an opportunity and drawing inspiration from everything around me, I felt as though I was listening to a master as an apprentice.  Morris’s career has been successful, and though his career is not over it is probably closer to ending than beginning.  His words are important to me because I would like to do what he did, but slightly better.  Like he said, that’s how you stay in the game with the best of them.

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