Rick Morris: Motion

I like the emphasis that Rick Morris puts on illustration and drawing in relation to graphic design. It is very rare that the first sketch or mock up of your design will be the best, it takes a lot of trail and error and thought process through the pen to develop and create unique ideas.

I also thought it was important that he broke down his two types of process that make for great motion pieces. On the one hand he does note that there is no doubt that incredible things are happening with visual effects and other equipment, however I really appreciate the importance he placed on telling a story. Sometimes while designing we get caught up in trying to produce and overly complicated and sophisticated design that we loose the essence and simplicity of the story. Some of the best designs are the most simple, most basic, yet take the viewer on the story/journey of the piece.

As this was filmed in 2008 and he talks a lot about incorporating flash into his designs and the necessity for 3D animation, it would be interesting to see whether his priorities in design have shifted as have the technology, and whether or not he still makes the same amount of time for his sketching process.

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