The Game Changer That is Motion Graphics

“Motion is the natural progression of things.” – Rick Morris

“Good type matters because it speaks to you.” – Harry Marks

“If you know how to use (the tools) and you have a vision, you will rise above.” – Harry Marks

These wise words stood out for me in the pieces on Rick Morris, Harry Marks and the Troika Design Group for, particularly Marks’ second quote. You can have all the tools in the world, but without vision, it is worth squat. You can have the vision to create some world-changing things, but without the tools, what are those but ideas? When you combine both, that is when you have the opportunity to create something special.

Continuing on Marks, normally I have a problem with font lovers like him, mainly because I fail to see why they are so obsessed with something so…seemingly basic at times (font). But his first quote hit me and opened my eyes a little and helped me understand why people would love font so much – because a good font can indeed speak to you.

As someone who worked on newspapers for three years after college, I can also relate to his problems as a book designer. It takes people to understand what a book or page designer does sometimes, but it really is a vital part of the reading process. I have seen first hand the importance of font size, leading and proper headlines – on a random note: my favorite headline I came up with was for Michigan’s 87-85 overtime win over Kansas in last year’s NCAA Tournament in which Michigan’s Trey Burke stole the show late and won it for the Wolverines. The headline? Trey Bien.  I bring this up because great headlines like that can help bring in a reader to a story, which is key to get readers.

Morris and the Troika group also had good points and some amazing works – I mean, just look at the Troika group’s demo reel, I felt like I related most to Mr. Marks. Thanks for the inspiration and advice good sir.

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