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Short of having a famous motion graphic designer come to class,’s documentary style production on the life and success of Rick Morris is the best thing for an inspiring artist to learn from one of the greats.  I was greatly intrigued by the series of videos showcasing not only Rick Morris’s experience in the industry but his everyday life and challenges to success.  His home is layered in artistic works of all kinds from sculpture to paintings to computer generated design and its this environment that he works in that cultivates and encourages his own artistic creativity.

I was especially moved by him talking about the challenges in transitioning from a form that he knew well (print based) to computer software and motion generated graphics.  He cited having zero background or understanding in motion graphics, but rather just a gut feeling that this was where the industry’s ship was moving and he needed to get on-board any way he could.  I felt this way in choosing to pursue this program after working for years in video production and feeling the tidal wave of need for more digital focus and the impending transition to internet based interactive video content, but no one able to give me guidance or direction on how to gain that knowledge.  It was encouraging to hear him say that he was completely overwhelmed at first by the daunting task of needing to learn whole new computer programs in a hurry and the reality that he went to class during the day and worked all night for weeks just trying to teach himself.  This is someone who already was well respected in the design world with a wealth of portfolio items to show saying that even for him the learning curve was high and hard to overcome which is reassuring as I had never even opened a design program except for AfterEffects before this program.  I was really motivated by his encouraging words not to get wrapped up in where the next job is coming from or what you have to learn to get good in the industry, but rather concentrating on work that is meaningful and relevant to yourself so that you build the skills and confidence in yourself that will translate to those out there looking to hire.

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