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WOW I had no idea all of this work goes into a one second clip for a network brand. I have seen these images countless night while I sit down and watch my entire favorite ABC shows. I had never thought that someone had to design the fun graphics that start the night off and introduce ABC or any of the other networks. After watching this video it is so clear to me and now obvious that people worked very hard on these graphics. I think these graphics are very under appreciated. I believe more people need to watch this video so they to can realize just how much work goes into these one second clips.

The Troika design agency is a very cool and interesting place! I love that they based their studio around collaboration and that they hope there designers and employees will collaborate and create even bigger and better ideas. They pride themselves in the fact that they do not follow trends. They enjoy sending out very unique projects where no two will look the same. I find this to be a great motto to instill into a company. It is very easy to get lost in the crowd and want to stick with what everyone else is doing. I think there’s something special behind a company who isn’t afraid to think out side of the box and to be different.

I loved watching the videos and seeing the work that this company does. Each brand is so beautiful, unique and spot on. I couldn’t believe that for the Starz brand they spent 6 months with it in the design board and sketch phase. I understood that these projects took a long time but I would never have thought that they would take half a year before they commit to a design. After watching these videos I realized I have a huge interest in design branding and motion graphics. I would love to do this type of stuff once I graduate.

A phrase that I will take away from this video is “Don’t get overwhelmed by trying to tackle the big task, start with smaller tasks until you have slowly worked your way up to the large task.” This phrase is one that I need to try to live by. I have a horrible problem of freaking out when things are due and I get so focused on making the deadline and just getting the project done that I do not do work that is to the best of my ability. My problem is I go too fast and I need to slow down. This phrase will help me think more smaller picture and I won’t get worried about the big picture getting done as I slowly chip away to work to it. I loved watching every minute of these videos. Troika is a very neat and interesting company!

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