Thirty Conversations on Design

The entire mission of Thirty Conversations on Design is a really intriguing approach to starting a conversation about design. The only structure of the short videos is that the professionals must address two questions 1st What single example of design inspires you most? and 2nd What problem should design solve next?

My first reaction after watching a few of the videos was that I was extremely surprised by the participant’s responses to the question about a single example of design that inspires them. Sometimes I wonder if I know anything about design because I’m not obsessed with typeface or logos but after watching the videos I’m realizing that design is everything. Transportation, pencil erasers, fashion and subcultural…these are things I can relate too.

My favorite video was, Stefan Bucher’s. I randomly stumbled upon his video based on its title “Shine On” and after watching it I realized that he was completely crazy… but through the weirdness I was able to laugh at myself because he thinks one of the most important aspects of design is to create delight through complexity “make the fucker shimmer.” I was drawn to his video because the title alluded to sparkly things so I guess some of what he is claiming is true.

Bucher says that hummingbirds inspire him most. Obviously his response made me question whether or not he was high but after hearing his reasoning I realized that his core points are relevant and it was interesting for me to hear how abstract his thoughts and inspiration really is.

I also often wonder about whether or not a career in the design would be fulfilling because you frequently hear about designers who are forced to conform to the needs and wants of their clients. Before watching a few of these videos I never thought about how design could solve the worlds problems. I recognize design as a helpful tool but I never thought of it as a means to an end.

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