Thirty Conversations on Design

The three video titles that immediately got my attention were; Do More with Less, Defining our Lives, and All Natural.  Each short video gave me new and interesting insight into the world of design.

My favorite of the three videos was probably “Do More with Less” with Emily Pilloton.  I really liked Emily’s perspective and what she is doing to bring design curriculum into schools in poverty-ridden areas.  One comment that really stuck out to me was that Emily  said she focuses on the design process more than the outcome.  I feel the same way about design and find that I get much more enjoyment out of the process of design (coming up with the idea, making sketches, throwing out bad ideas, etc.) than I do finalizing the project.

I also liked Joe Duffy’s video “All Natural”.  I watched this because I thought it might discuss using natural products in the design process; however, it mainly looked at using nature to influence and enhance the design process.  I was struck by the example of the Bahamas, though. It seemed very similar to our Alien Typeface project!

The last video I watched was the least interesting to me.  Not only was the video production quite bad, but the message behind the video was not incredibly inspiring or informative.  In the video Khoi Vinh talked about the Internet and how it is changing the world.  The most relevant thing I took from the video is the idea that designers should stop focusing on selling things and focus more on making things.

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