Hawk, Edwards, and Ilyan


The first video I watched was about Tony Hawk, a pro skateboarder. I chose him because I knew his name and enjoy watching extreme sports.  Tony Hawk’s video was about Apple products. He talked about the changes in their products going from computers to making their products more fun by making music and phone products.  He said their products are inspiring. Hawk is fun for me to watch. He had a love for the Apple products he was talking about and I could hear it in his short video.


Secondly, I chose to watch Karen Edwards. I have never heard of anyone else on the list so I chose a woman.  Karen Edwards’ video was about a single example of design inspires her the most.  She is inspired by the simplistic items that she owns which include her 1949 Chevy truck and 18th Century wine glasses. She talked about the durability of her wine glasses that are still used 200 years after they were designed. She then went on to say that her wine glasses are special to her and her family because they are part of her everyday life and unique.  Edwards’ was very passionate in her video and seemed to enjoy talking about her items.


The third video that I chose to watch was about Natalia Ilyan, a writer and adjunct instructor at Cornish College of the Arts.  I also have not heard of her and just picked another female video to watch.  She said that design has caused more problems than it has solved. Ilyan said time has been spent since the Industrial Revolution destroying balance of nature and environment and the way the world work.  She said we should look at problems as going in cycles and that we should look at the ways we problem solve. I enjoyed this video the least because Ilyan’s talk was mostly negative.


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