Thirty Conversations: Design

“I find design interesting in it’s time in relation to something else”

Paula Scher’ quote is one that I find most applicable to the concept of design. Paula touches on the idea that design is not there to solve problems, but becomes apparent to the way we use things at that moment in time. Each decade, and even each year brings forward new ways of thinking in every aspect of the word. Design allows for individuals who are not within a designing industry to look at things differently.

Tony Hawk touches on this in the way that Apple products and redefined the way we as ordinary people are using tech savvy products in our everyday life. They have changed the way we interact with each other and the intelligence that we have developed to use them. The design of the apple product has shifted the way we look at design and products, and it is forever changing.

Jessica Hische talks on the future of design and where she sees it going, she mentions that the work students are doing now and will be doing in the next couple of years coming out of school is so innovative and developed that design will change in general. I think in the past decade the way people approach design and the grand scope in which they see things being developed has pushed design much farther than it has before.

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