Design, Design, Design!!!

As this semester rolls along and Professor Motley graciously provides us with great content that relates to visual aesthetics, I’m realizing that my “third eye” for visual design is beginning to open. Watching Edward Tufte’s analysis on the iPhone design was very interesting. Tufte pointed out small details about the interface that I would have never noticed or even thought about in design.

For example, when he speaks about maximizing the interface space by making the bottom tool bar for the iPhone transparent or even getting rid of it. A simple change like that  can have a drastic effect on the usage and visual appeal of an object. I found myself playing with my iPhone while watching the the video and actually noticing some of the beneficial changes Apple made with the iOS7 update. Visual aesthetics is everywhere. However, this is a fact that I didn’t notice before but it is obvious that clear and precise aesthetics lead to a clear and precise experience for the user or viewer.

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