30 Conversation on Design.

I watched Massimo Vignelli, Jessica Helfand, and  Emily Pilloton on the aspect of design. I absolutely love their different thoughts and opinions on design. I will be going back and watching more of these videos.

Massimo Vignelli says that design is taking on new challenges because time. He also says that for the people we need to define what people need rather than what people want. I totally agree with him on everything thing that he talked about in his video because design is changing because of time and technology is becoming more advance. Also it is changing because designers are not really taking the time to create wonderful works of art they are going Googling how to do something rather than figuring it our on their own.

Jessica Helfand says her students are changing, growing helping each other, and they are looking at the world in ways that she can’t look. Her students are forming each other in what matter in design. Helfand students reminds me of my classmates we are always finding new ways to design something and we are always incorporating ways of what we learn about design into our designs. I agree with her when she says that the biggest problem with designers is that they don’t think broader and they are not looking to solve a problem. Some designers give up when they are trying to design something and they cant quite figure it out. Personally as a designer I feel that you try to figure out the concept because that makes you a better designer and maybe now you can help somebody that has the same problem as you.

Emily Pilloton says design is such and untouched resource for public education. She was one of my favorites because my hometown is 15 minutes from Bertie County and what she is doing is a wonderful thing. She challenged the way that I think because I always thought that the process of design made the product of design. I thought that if you put a lot of time into the process of design you will make a great product of design. After watching her I realized it’s not about how much time you put into your design its about your product because your is what people will see and not the process of design. Also, I love how she taking design and helping it make to the public education system better.

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