Iphone Interface Design

While watching this video the first thing that came to my mind was the iPhone interface has sure changed. I began comparing the new interface to the old interface to see how much of a difference the interface has changed.


Tufte complained that the iPhone was too simplistic and cartoony. I can agree with him about the cartoony part to a certain degree because since the launch of iOS7, some people say its too “androdish” and that iPhone isn’t different from other phones anymore. However, it’s the unique style and simplicity that drew thousands of people to the phone in the first. The simplicity of the iPhone makes it easier for the users to use and for the users to feel comfortable about using the iPhone.  Another thing that I think makes the iPhone different from all other phones is the fact when you get a new phone there are people at the Apple store to help you understand how to use the phone. Android definitely doesn’t have a store where you can do this at.

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