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I don’t think I ever really paid that close attention to the iphone interface.  Edward Tufte makes a few good points that I never really realized.  First of all, that is a very old iphone…a few things have changed. I think the margins between the pictures are slightly thinner than what Tufte was using.  I didn’t quite understand why the margins should be gray instead of white, but it makes sense to make the margins thinner.  I agreed with his critic about the market app.  It definitely does look cartoon like, similar to a power point presentation.  I think now, on the newer version, the app is different.  It shows the most popular stocks in a scroll bar, below the stocks there is a list of stock related articles.  That’s pretty damn cool, never noticed it before. If you click the ticker for Yahoo, below will be the list of articles related to yahoo.

I like the weather app as it is, i don’t think it’s necessary to have a map or anything in addition to the temp and a drawing of whether it’s sunny outside or not.  I like that the weather app is simple.  If I want more information, I would just go online.  As for searching the web, Tufte does note that the iphone attempts to utilize as much space as possible for content instead of having the website bar at the top.  He points out that the bottom buttons take up 10% of the screen and should be made transparent.  I agree, but maybe they could just make it disappear once the reader is on a content page, and if the reader wants to use the buttons at the bottom they can just tap the bottom on the screen and it’ll reappear. It’s cool to compare my iphone5 with previous versions of the iphones.  The interface is the same, but i guess since the iphone 5 is longer it displays more content…and it’s more lightweight, which has nothing to do with the interface.  other than that it’s the same iOS7 so it’s all the same.

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