Story Time!

When analyzing the Story of Stuff website, I find that the content that has been categorized as “stuff” is much more than that. I’m assuming that the webpage is based off of Annie Leonard’s “The Story of Stuff” book. In her interview with Stephen Colbert, Leonard explains that her piece of literature examines societies need to accumulate stuff that has no real particular value. Leonard states that we are in a cycle of work, television, and shopping for the “stuff” we  see on television. Consequently, our quest for accumulating more stuff is actually taking away from pursuing things that generate a deeper happiness.

I personally agree with Leonard, and for that reason I also enjoyed the Story of Stuff website. The website is basically an open blog about different issues that people feel are important to society. Issues such as safe products, good jobs, health care, and a clean  environment are all things that have a deeper meaning and personal sense of participating in a positive cause bigger than you. I think this is what the site is all about. Delivering “stuff” to viewers that is much more that “stuff,” but material that will have a lasting gratification rather than a momentary one.


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