Buried by Bottled Water, Tangled in Plugs

Admittedly, some part of me knew before this video that, in most cases, it’s safe to drink tap water, but as I tend err on the side of caution, I continued to buy bottled water.

I try to recycle everything I possibly can, but I’m embarrassed to say that I never thought to question or investigate what really happens during the recycling process. It’s unnerving to think the bottles I put in the recycling bin on a weekly basis could still end up in a landfill somewhere.

My one major critique of Annie Leonard’s “Story of Stuff” though is that she often talks about companies using “scare tactics” to coerce the public,  such as water bottle companies that insist tap water is unsafe, one could argue she is guilty of the same in these videos, especially in the Story of Electronics (specifically the remark about how computers, TVs, etc are all emitting some degree of toxic fumes, and are essentially time bombs).

In spite of that critique, I do think the animations, concise presentations, and the links providing additional information are interesting and worth consideration as they promote discussion about the environment.


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