Story of Stuff

The Story of Stuff website does a great job appealing to its target audience. The presentation of the information is inviting and allows for a simplified breakdown of complex issues and information. I watched the bottled water video and love the educational approach. I’m always drawn to simplified graphic videos and almost wish that they had run with this concept instead of having Annie in the spotlight. There is so much potential with information graphics, especially in the interactive and animated space. The drawings set the stage for that approach and the sound effects added a lot of depth. Why not push the concept and really explore the possibilities of these little characters?

That being said, the structure of the website is great and encourages participation and engagement. I loved that throughout the video you had the option to donate; it was subtle but accessible. I also really liked the timeline of icons at the bottom allowing for quick navigation through the story. Overall, a great use of interactive elements and a very effective educational website!

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