Stitch Bitch

Not going to lie, this reading lost me from the moment “Shelly” started talking and referenced the author of Frankenstein.  However, I think I mildly understood what the author meant by, ” the body is not even experienced as whole…We never see it all.”  I believe what she is saying is that there are so many functions in the body and brain that we know are going on but we cant exactly explain or even see what is happening.  Example: the brain is complex and intricate however it is vital to our every day function for living and thinking yet we cannot see what information it holds.

I like the author’s reference, “hypertext is schizophrenic” in that it can relate anything and everything on the web.  Everything is accessible we just have to understand it and know how to use it. However, I just related this back to the author and thinking about how her writing is schizophrenic.  I wish it was clear, concise, and made more sense than it did.  I’m sure she had good points in here, they were just hard to find underneath all of the distractive context like her talking about her “p-p-p-pen”…

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