“Stitch Bitch”

I wasn’t exactly sure where the author was going with this chapter. I’m not sure if I just missed the point or if she was truly all over the place. I had a really hard time following her and I didn’t feel like I learned a lot from the chapter. The way she talked about hypertext really confused me. I couldn’t tell if she was for using hypertext or against using it. I did come to a fuzzy solution that she didn’t think one should use hypertext. She talked about the risks one runs when adding hypertext and to me it doesn’t seem worth the risk. I liked her point that hypertext can make one loose a reader. I had never thought about how when someone clicks on something that they most likely wont come back to the site they were originally on.

The author kept pushing the idea of doing things your own way. I thought she had some great points about being independent with your everyday life. I felt this to be very true. We are all constantly constraining ourselves to what other people want instead of branching out, trying new things, and doing things our own way. When you constrain yourself you are also constraining your creativity.

In all, the author had some very good points. I just wish she had clarified more of the points. However, maybe the author wanted her points to be left for interpretation. I will take home the message that one should start doing more things for themselves.

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