Stitch Bitch

This may be completely wrong but I visualize her ramblings as a magician reaching into a top hat that has no end, no beginning, and pulls out a series of random animal parts that frightens the children in the audience. All in the hopes to explain, to some random inconspicuous extent, the beauty and the weirdness of writing, reading, text… In particular her idea of hypertext, how it transcends the basics, the conventional.

Writing and reading, the all-inspriing imagination in regards to these two activities test us, create us, bring us closer to, in her insanity, a pure and undeniably superior state of mental and physical transcendence.

She seems to think everything is not what it appears to be that the current state of literature and writing is all that is misunderstood and flailing in a pool of tar and feathers. She speaks of her favorite texts and forms of writing as holding no expectations, no sense of social structure or linear ideals. She loves and praises the curved squiggles of her  field, the non-senseical, miss-matched monsters that she deems unabashedly better than the rest.

Overall, my reaction is she has some good points because I love testing the limits of imagination and going above and beyond the calls to the norm. However, I do not like her delivery…it lacks accessibility, but it seems that is what she is going for.

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