Cookies To Go-Go

A couple of weeks ago, a group of girls in the Class of 2016 held a fundraiser that some of you probably heard of- Cookies to Go Go!  Our group built off of the Class of 2015’s idea of grilled cheese delivery and decided that delivering fresh baked cookies to students’ doors would be a lucrative fundraiser.  There were several things we had to figure out, with the first being what recipe to use!  For a bit of fun, we had people bake and bring different chocolate chip cookies to class one day, and then we had a taste contest to decide which recipe to use.  The class decided that Lexie Melanson’s cookies were the best, so we used her recipe!  As Directors of Public Relations, Isabel and Renna kept up the Facebook page and Twitter account, and these were GREAT avenues for spreading the word about Cookies to Go-Go and ramping up the number of preorders.

Libby with some of our fresh baked cookies!

Libby with some of our fresh baked cookies!

For the two nights of delivery, each of us had a different job, including Director of Operations, Director of Transportation, Director of Baking, etc.  Other classmates took a night off from studying to lend a hand, which really helped!  The first night of delivery was hectic to say the least.  We had over 50 preorders, and with the orders we received that night, we ended up with 94 orders (570 cookies) to deliver!  Several classmates had made and dropped off cookie dough for us to bake, but we ran through that dough relatively quickly.  Sydney, Dawson, Libby, and I kept making double batches of cookie dough from scratch for two hours straight!  Christine, as Head of Operations, was keeping track of the orders coming in and distributing them to the drivers.  Even with four teams of drivers and passengers out delivering cookies, we still fell behind schedule on promised delivery times.  We delivered the last cookies at 1:00 AM.  The second night of delivery ran much smoother.  We knew the process, and the number of orders wasn’t as heavy.  The whole Cookies to Go Go event was a success- we made over $300 profit!  We are going to continue this fundraiser (with some tweaks) next semester, and hopefully we can make it a monthly event.  Thanks to everyone who helped us behind the scenes and all of you who bought cookies!

Special thanks to Isabel who made this video that gives a great overview of Cookies to Go-Go!

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    This was a great idea to get the Periclean Scholars name out there and also have some team building. Thanks to all who participated and pulled it off!