Class of 2017- Back for the final semester!

After our short January term, we came back for our first class meeting of the spring semester. We began by catching up on what we did over winter term and fake break, then discussed our plans for our last semester, including finishing the documentary, our local project, a potential virtual conference, and fundraising for the spring semester.

Although we were unable to host our conference this January, we are hopeful that we can still have impact in Namibia through smaller, more focused projects, and through the documentary. We are hoping to potentially hold a virtual conference in lieu of a physical one, and have reached out to our contacts at UNAM, but we are waiting to hear back. Kelsey and Oly were still able to travel to Namibia this winter to finish up filming for the documentary, and now are in the process of editing it. The class decided to assist them with the research needed to create the script, so we are very excited to be able to play a small role in the creation of the documentary.

We are also pleased to be continuing our partnership with the Burlington Housing Authority this semester, with members of our cohort going to the after school program each week to talk about topics related to food insecurity, agriculture, and sustainability. We are hoping to expand this partnership, as well, by perhaps sponsoring events for residents of the BHA to learn more about using their gardens and living sustainably.

Finally, we discussed how we would like to fundraise for the semester, and how we would like to distribute the funds.

While we are sad to think that this will be our last semester at Elon and with Periclean, we are ready to finish strong!


Class of  ’17

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