Cost-benefit analysis of travel to your country of focus

What is the value of travel to your country of focus?

I pose this question as we are about to welcome back to Elon two ’17’s that just spent about two weeks in Namibia and as the ’19’s are in the preliminary stages of sending part of their Class to Sri Lanka.

First, what are the costs of this travel?

  • Environmental:  The carbon footprint of air transportation and surface travel is not inconsequential.
  • Financial:  The cost of this travel is considerable and includes air and surface transportation, hotels, meals and snacks, airport and other taxes, stipends for tour guides, tips, laundry, equipment, facilities rental, excursions, faculty and staff salaries.
  • Time:  Countless person hours have been put into the planing of this travel, many more will be expended during our time abroad and yet more when when come back home.
  • Personal:  We are all be away from our families, loved ones and in general people that we will be missed by.  In many cases friends, roommates, and spouses will have to carry an extra burden while we are gone.

So, if the cost is so high, what is the value of this travel to your country of focus that offsets all of the above costs?

  • What is the value to you and to your Elon education?  How do you think you will grow as a person?  How will this make you a different/better student and global citizen?
  • How will this move the goals of your Class forward?
  • How with this travel move forward partnerships?
  • What is the value to your Class?  Will it make you a better, more cohesive and outcome-oriented Class?
  • What is the value to the Periclean Scholars program in general?
  • What is that value to Elon University?

Above all, any travel by Pericleans must be and be seen as adhering to the highest possible ethical standards in terms of cultural contact and relations with any partners.  Full transparency of motivations must exist and be communicated both to Classmates and to all partners either pre-established or developed as the travel proceeds.

The Periclean Pledge (revised and posted here soon) and the Core Humanitarian Standards  must guide and inform all actions and decisions.


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