Periclean 2017 Blog Post 11/15

Today was a very productive class.  We were able to discuss and reflect about many important topics.  To begin, Annie passed the You Rock Rock to Cayley (me)!  I was surprised at first but honored to be recognized!  Honestly, I have loved taking notes throughout the semester.  Not only does it help me stay focused and involved in the many aspects of Periclean, but it also gives me a deeper understanding of our class.   Following this, class reps reminded everyone to post reflections for BHA and the blog.  Next, we got committee updates from everyone.  These varied in progress as well as emotion.  Some groups feel a significant amount of pressure beyond others.  While we all play an important role in our cohort, this time of the semester is stressful, and communication issues with our partners have made some tasks more complicated.  I think it’s important to recognize this and send as much love and support to our Periclean family during this time.  This led into a Rose, Thorn, Leaf reflection.  This was my favorite part of the class as it was clear that many of us needed a mental break.  Venting was also really nice!  It made us closer as we were able to relate to student workload, as well as professional obligations.  Together, we all look forward to Thanksgiving break with loved ones.  In two weeks we will meet again with a focus on our research.

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