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November 29 Update: Class of 2017

Over Thanksgiving break, the Periclean Class of 2017 received some difficult news from the University of Namibia (UNAM). According to our university contacts, UNAM is no longer able to provide their previously designated portion of financial support for the conference. This means that as a class, we would be responsible for raising an additional US$10,000, a fundraising task that we … Continue Reading

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Periclean 2017 Blog Post 11/15

Today was a very productive class.  We were able to discuss and reflect about many important topics.  To begin, Annie passed the You Rock Rock to Cayley (me)!  I was surprised at first but honored to be recognized!  Honestly, I have loved taking notes throughout the semester.  Not only does it help me stay focused and involved in the many … Continue Reading

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