A note from our long-time partner Anita Isaacs in Namibia

Greetings and update from our long-time partner Anita Isaacs in Namibia

(Note:  click here for the trailer to the documentary”My Name Is Anita” produced by Erin Barnett, 10)

Anita dancing to Gazza in 2006.

Anita dancing to Gazza in 2006.  David Higham, ’06, new President of the Periclean Foundation, is in the background.

Greetings to my big family; Periclean Scholars, friends of the Periclean Scholars, Mentors and all supporters of the Periclean.

I hope you are doing great in the new year 2014. I always feel proud of being a part of you guys. It has been a wonderful 11years together. Every second I think of you I remember on how I met the Class of 2006. By then I was just another AIDS patient waiting to be added to the Namibian AIDS death statistics. Today I am still living to the fullest. My dream of becoming a grandmother became true, today I am a grandmother of three wonderful grandchildren. To be honest the Class of 2006 saved my life, they put life into my days, not only days into my life. They taught me how to plan for my future. Back in 2003 if you are HIV positive you were regarded as a living dead, living amongst the living. But after my initial meeting with the group led by Dr. Tom Arcaro, it was a blessing for our support group. Today the group have change from being the people with AIDS to healthy people, back to work. We are proud parents, who have grown up children.

I never dreamt of going to University, but today I am in my third year at the University of Namibia. Thanks to your on-going moral, physical, and financial support. I am looking forward on meeting with Class of 2017. Continue doing the good and wonderful work you are showing to throughout the World. You need to know that what you are doing have a positive impact on the lives of millions of people Globally.

May the almighty give you strength in the work you are doing!!!!

The photos below show my son John and my twin grandchildren, me and my classmates from UNAM, and my youngest grandchild.

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 9.24.21 AM


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