Class of 2016 Update

We have been making a lot of progress with our partner Hope for Honduran Children. After traveling with them during fake break, Meredith, Christian, and our mentor April Post have all maintained communication with Karen Godt and the boys in the transition home. Karen has recently sent the class detailed information about the transition home and how it is run, as well as potential projects for our class to complete with this organization. While our class does not yet have a specific focus, we believe Hope for Honduran Children is a good start and by making more partnerships, our focus will emerge.

The Hogares Sanos committee is currently planning the events for the year for Burlington’s Hispanic community. The goal for the semester is to transfer the organization to El Centro de Español since they have the resources to make it more sustainable and are able to get more support for the project.

There was a lot of discussion this week about the potential for future projects and goals of each committee.  We worked to develop the mission statements for each of these committees.  For the Fundraising Committee, we decided that those individuals will work to keep track of the class funds and how we are spending them, especially with the development of work done by Special Events and the committee working on the Sundance film.  The fundraising committee will also takeover the Cookies to Go-Go project in the future, which we are hoping to make a once a month, regular event on campus.  For both the Technology and Librarian Committees, goals will include making class-wide access to resources more efficient and easier to utilize.  Overall, we will be working toward streamlining the work that each committee has already been doing and working toward developing future plans so that they function efficiently.  We are using the nomination of committee heads to encourage communication between every committee and ensure that the needs and concerns of every committee is being addressed and assistance and brainstorming can also be provided by different class members.  Through the Steering Committee we hope to increase Pan-Periclean communication and work toward a more unified.  Additionally, we are going to try to really promote the creation of an Alumni Relations Committee to really make the most of past Pericleans, from both the work they have done to the connections that they have made.  Lastly, in connection with the work of Steering and Alumni Relations capitalizing on interpersonal relationships, we really want to incorporate Hogares Sanos projects into our class.  The ultimate goal of Committees this semester is to promote that the work of individual committees should encompass the goals of the Periclean Scholars initiative and not simply limit ourselves to just our work within Honduras.  There is much work to be done to promote civil engagement, sustainability and the betterment of society through connections with one another and many smaller tasks.


-Jen and Arianna

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