Periclean-style holidays: Creative and socially conscious ways to give

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(updated 11-30-15)

Creative and socially conscious ways to give





PF-logo-header-stacked2In this season of thanks and celebration you are encouraged to consider giving -and to urge your friends and family to do the same- to the Periclean Foundation, a 501c3 established by the Class of 2012.  The Periclean Foundation supports many Periclean global partnership initiatives including:


Another great way to give is by supporting to these Periclean-related initiatives:

Another outlet for Periclean-giving is located at the Holly Hill Mall. There are Periclean Scholar’s items for sale at David Higham’s (Class of 2006) retail outlet For Every Season.  Look out for the Periclean World Corner.

Jenn Pierson, Class of 2006, as a senior at Elon made it clear to all friends and family that the only thing she wanted in terms of holiday gifts were donations to our Class of 2006 and our partners.  My recollection is that she raised nary $1000 that year.  Other Pericleans have done the same or similar over the years quite successfully (at least three Pericleans, two 2010’s and a 2007 used their weddings to raise money for their Classes).

More suggestions to come!  Please send them to and I will add immediately.



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