Update from Annie Huth ’12 about CRHP about construction

Update and pictures from Annie at CRHP regarding the construction:
Now that the funds have been received from the city of Izmir, Turkey, we’re planning to start construction on Monday after consulting with the engineering and construction team. CRHP’s new Preventive Health Training Center will be a huge step forward for Izmir and CRHP‘s common goal of Health for All, allowing grassroots workers, students, doctors and development professionals from around the globe to receive training in the principles of preventive care and community organization. While the cost of building materials has gone up because of the severe drought, the construction will also serve as an opportunity for drought relief by providing a consistent daily wage to around 15 local laborers who are unemployed this drought season. We’ll keep everyone posted on the building’s progress as construction moves along!
Here are some photos of the site:
IMG_2520 IMG_2526 IMG_2528 IMG_2530 IMG_2532
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