Franklinville, NC

Once a blooming Milltown now seeking to become a tourist hotspot on Highway 64, Franklinville is a quaint site to visit filled to the brim with rich history dating back to 1847 and prior. Its boundaries are now home to over 1,151 people – most of which commute to other nearby towns like Ashboro to work– and to 14 Cultural Heritage Sites; including Island Ford, Faith Rock, George Makepeace House, Curtis-Buie House, Julian House, Hank’s Lodge, Lambert Parks House, Thomas Rice House, D.M Wheaterly House, the Franklinville Roller Mill, the Franklinville Manufacturing Company, the Franklinville Manufacturing Company Store, the “Cotton Row” Houses and the Randolph Manufacturing Company.

If in search for a taste of local food go to Franklinville’s Restaurant.