Dustin Swope

dustinI’m Dustin Swope, a c/o 2015 Tampa, FL native that found Elon University on a serendipitous accident, and I’ve loved the school and the community from the very beginning. I’m double-majoring in English and Philosophy, but when I’m not reading or writing, I satisfy my passion for cultural exploration and adventure. I used to think that the only way to do this was by leaving the country. Just recently, though, I’ve learned what distinct cultural identities one can find by simply going town-to-town – I don’t even need to leave the state to find diversity anymore! As for the future, I have dreams of going on to be a personal injury attorney, being the voice of the voiceless and fighting for those in need. I hope to bring these goals together in a life of telling stories and promoting empathy and compassion in the world.