Dunes Burger

By Ja’Mei Bess, 2013

I patiently waited for the slow mini van to chug on by as I pulled into the parking lot beside the entrance I meant to turn into. Having had a long day of horrible GPS directions, I found myself not caring. I chose to stay put in the lot and walk over to the window. Little did I know this would take away from part of my experience. I stood waiting at the window as a lively blonde woman came up to take my order. As I placed my order for the Dune Cheeseburger I quickly realized that I would have to awkwardly wait by the window for my order to come, because of where I parked. Meanwhile, everyone else sat in their cars because that was the custom. When the food was ready, she would bring the food to the customer.

Since my driving partner, better known as Bubba, complained that I had a tendency to eat on the go (though that is the purpose of fast food) we decided to sit in the car and enjoy the burger. I have to say it was what I would call a pretty darn good burger. First of all, I was eating real beef, which was great. It was a bit heavy on the mustard but it was still good. I don’t know what type of cheese they used. It wasn’t cheddar. Whatever it was, it made it even better. The fries were covered in what tasted like fresh sea salt and ground pepper. The seasonings gave it a bit of a kick. The fries were crispier than I usually prefer, but your common food lover would’ve enjoyed them. I’m not going to lie, I still say Five Guys has the best “fast food” burgers that I’ve ever had, but this was a pretty strong second – minus the mustard.