Surfin’ Spoon

Surfin’ Spoon is the quintessential Outer Banks shop. A small family business just a few steps from the beach in Nags Head, Surfin’ Spoon is a frozen yogurt bar that indulges in the laid-back atmosphere of the coastal town. After opening in 2012 by local professional surfing legend Jesse Hines and his wife Whitney, people have been dipping their spoon in the healthy and tasty dessert ever since. With nine different fro-yo flavors and one vegan sorbet, a full topping bar, and plenty of room to hang out with friends, this shop is something special for late summer nights. Surfin’ Spoon has the authentic spirit missing from the chain dessert locations apparent in the endless photos, memorabilia, and local artwork that line the walls. No matter if you are a local weekly customer or a once a year tourist, the friendly and genuine customer service will always put a smile on your face. Next time on the Outer Banks skip the Dairy Queen, Sweet Frog, or Wendy’s Frosty and take part in the Surfin’ Spoon tradition.

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